‘Below Deck Med’: Does Hannah Ferrier Still Talk To Conrad Empson?

Hannah Ferrier enjoyed a whirlwind romance with Conrad Empson in the third season of Bravo’s hit reality show, Below Deck Mediterranean. Their relationship got so intense that it started to affect the chief stew’s ability to perform her basic job functions. Sadly, their relationship was short-lived, and the pair separated after the charter season was over. But does Ferrier and Empson still talk to each other?

'Below Deck Med' Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier
‘Below Deck Med’ star Hannah Ferrier | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ferrier and Empson part ways

Ferrier’s brief fling with Empson was so intense that they planned a romantic trip to the Czech Republic after the season was over. Unfortunately, their duties in the yachting world proved too difficult to overcome. With their quality of work slipping, Captain Sandy Yawn pulled them aside for a few stern talks. They also got into a big argument over 50 Euros and before they knew it, their relationship had taken a turn for the worse.

Although their romance ended on a sour note, Ferrier and Empson left the Talisman Maiton on good terms. Following the Season 3 finale of Below Deck Med, fans were hopeful that the two would rekindle things once they got back on dry land.

After all, this would not be the first time cast members have hooked up outside of the show. With Ferrier and Empson parting as friends, it seemed like it was possible they would get back together. Sadly, Ferrier recently dashed all hopes of a reunion with Empson and revealed whether or not they still communicate.

Do Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson still talk?

According to Bravo TV, Ferrier recently opened up about her relationship with Empson and revealed that they no longer talk to each other. Although Below Deck fans would have loved to see them get back together, Ferrier and Empson have pretty much cut ties altogether. This might be disappointing news for some, but Ferrier noted that she is completely okay with how everything turned out.

“Conrad and I have spoken maybe two or three times since the end of last season and are definitely not in touch,” Ferrier shared. “I think I’m OK with that.”

With Season 4 of Below Deck Med now underway, Ferrier is a single woman once again. For the chief stew, living the single life has not been all that bad. In fact, the reality star admitted that boys are usually more trouble than anything else and that she is patiently waiting for the right man to come along. Until that happens, Ferrier is content with living life on her own terms and building her career.

That said, a few months ago Ferrier teased that she may have found someone special. We do not know who the lucky man might be, but it is definitely not Empson. But how does Empson feel about the end of his whirlwind romance with the chief stew?

Empson dishes on ‘Below Deck’

Following Season 3 of Below Deck Med, Empson opened up about his time on the show and revealed the moment that shocked him the most. For starters, Empson talked about his confrontation with Captain Sandy and admitted that he was terrified when she called him up to the bridge. He also confessed that he threw Ferrier under the bus a little but that she did the same to him. Although Empson defended his actions, he reigned things in once Captain Sandy started talking about firing him.

When it comes to his romance, Empson revealed that Captain Sandy had nothing to do with his breakup from Hannah Ferrier. Empson admitted that they both felt pressure from Captain Sandy but the main reason they split was over 50 euros.

Empson explained how his argument over the money and cigarettes was a major turnoff and made him realize that Ferrier is not the one for him. He also cleared the air on what really happened and how Ferrier did not think she would have to pay him back for the cigarettes.

While things did not work out between Ferrier and Empson, he has no regrets with how everything turned out. At the end of the day, some people just are not meant for each other. 

Fans can watch Hannah Ferrier in action when new episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean air Monday nights on Bravo.