‘Below Deck Med’: Jessica More and Rob Westergaard’s Relationship Is Completely Unraveling

Rob Westergaard and Jessica More‘s fight goes from bad to worse after the crew from Below Deck Mediterranean return from a night on the town.

More is seen in tears in a preview clip after Westergaard completely ignores her. She later tries to get his attention on the boat but he walks right past her.

Jessica More
Jessica More | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Christine “Bugsy” Drake and Alex Radcliffe sit in the crew mess, witnessing the entire exchange, both feeling confused and concerned as the couple goes from arguing in the club to Westergaard completely icing out More.

The couple goes from fighting at the club to fighting on the boat

The evening begins to unravel in More and Westergaard’s bunk. More first tries to talk it out with him. “Can we talk,” she asks. He ignores her and continues to get ready for bed. “Alright, well. Go,” she says. “I don’t even play this sh*t. You want to play these games? Go. I didn’t come here to play this sh*t with you.”

“Maybe it’s not meant to be, then,” he says as he calmly walks out of the room. She slams the door behind him.

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Drake and Radcliffe look confused as Westergaard walks by them in the crew mess. “What happened?” Drake asks Radcliffe. Westergaard walks off the boat onto the dock. Now More walks by Drake and Radcliffe.

Jessica More ends up in tears

More sees Westergaard walking along the dock. They ignore each other as he won’t look up at her. “Really?” she asks him as he walks by her back into the interior. Westergaard isn’t speaking to anyone as he also walks by Drake and Radcliffe. They call his name but he doesn’t look up or answer. He continues on to his cabin.

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Now More comes back through the crew mess. Radcliffe and Drake say nothing to her, but she walks into her cabin and is heard bursting into tears. As she cries alone in the bottom bunk, Westergaard remains in the top bunk saying nothing to her.

The couple no longer speaks to each other

“We don’t really communicate,” More told InTouch. But she added, “[Westergaard] has a really good heart deep down in there somewhere.”

“I wish him the best of luck but I don’t think we’ll really be communicating [in the future].” More and Westergaard don’t follow each other on Instagram either. “There isn’t [anyone new in her life]! I’m very single,” she remarked.  

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More tweeted about Westergaard during the September 7 episode. “The issue is when someone is a pathological liar and compulsive cheater, it’s a not a very settling feeling,” she shared. “Women have intuition, that was my intuition screaming at me.”

“He had extremely strong energy,” More said during the Below Deck Med After Show. “You know and you can feel when his interest is pivoting to somebody else. So I was just like you just told me you fricken loved me and you wanna go to Bali, and a million other things he told me about a future together and whatever.”