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When third stew Kasey Cohen became seasick on Below Deck Mediterranean, she had a tough time getting through her day. She vomited nonstop while still getting work done, but some fans of the show rode her about it.

Cohen told Showbiz Cheat Sheet says she was surprised that she received so much backlash for enduring something over which she literally had no control. She tried her best to muddle through and continue to work, but viewers dogged her for being ill.

Kasey Cohen
Kasey Cohen | Photo credit CRYSTAL SERRANO

“When I got seasick everyone was on my case,” she recalls. Cohen was flummoxed that people would be upset or annoyed that she was dealing with being sick. “I was like, yeah I got seasick like I’m not going to deny it. So I owned up to it.” But she adds that online backlash is commonplace when you are in the public eye. She shares how she manages the hate and where she gets her strength.

She finds strength from her family

Cohen says that like many reality personalities, she deals with her fair share of hate. Even though Cohen was only on Below Deck Med for a single season, she has more than 70,000 Instagram followers and 15,000 people who follow her on Twitter.

“You really have to weed out the negative comments,” she remarks. “I really think what’s important is you have to know who you are at the end of the day.

She adds, “And if you have insecurities, know what they are, own up to them. Because then no one else can push those buttons.” So when people mocked her for being seasick, she let comments roll off her back, knowing she was doing her best and that getting seasick is pretty common.

But how does Cohen just ignore the hate? She credits her family providing her with a solid support system. “I’ve always gotten my source of strength from my parents and my brother,” she says. “Just from my family in general because they’ve always told me you could do anything you set your mind to, you just have to believe it.”

She’s boldly moving forward into a new career path

While Cohen may dip into yachting every now and then, she’s working in the fashion and acting world. She’s also gathering the wisdom she receives from her family to navigate the extremely competitive world of modeling. “I know I’m not going to be a five-foot eight-inch Victoria Secret model, that’s not my body type,” she says. “So I’m not going to compare myself to those types of models.”

But she knows her strengths and continues to put herself out there. She’s also going on auditions and trying her hand at acting. Cohen says her persistent and positive spirit keeps her going, but she knows acting and modeling are extremely competitive.

“It’s competitive like anything else,” she remarks. “You have to take care and you can’t keep your hopes up too high but you also can’t be too sad when you don’t get something either.”

One brand she’s proudly representing is Below Deck Mediterranean alum Julia d’Albert-Pusey’s swimwear brand Girl Alliance. Cohen is part of the Below Deck Babes, modeling the Coretta Black bikini. “She’s a lovely girl and she’s so genuine and kind-hearted,” Cohen says of d’Albert-Pusey. “You really want to help her succeed in any of her ventures.”

Cohen shared which ‘Below Deck Med’ cast member she talks to most

Cohen meshed well with all of the cast members but says the one person she never talked to on the show is the person she keeps in closest contact with today. “I do talk to Jamie [Jason] here and there, and Colin [Macy-O’Toole] and Conrad [Empson],” she shares.

She says she and chef Adam Glick seem to have a tougher time getting in touch because Glick often travels to remote locations. “So I don’t even know if he gets cell service,” she laughs. Cohen says even though she was only on the show for one season, the cast remains cohesive after filming the show together. “We went through something all together and having it put on TV it kind of bonds you,” she says.

Cohen adds that she currently talks to Empson the most out of all the cast members. When Bravo ran a Below Deck marathon, Empson messaged Cohen and remarked how they never actually spoke while on the show. “While we were filming, me and him never really spoke to each other unless we needed to,” Cohen shares. “Now we are probably the closest.”