‘Below Deck Med:’ Twitter Wonders If This Former Deckhand Will Replace Chef Mila

Now that Chef Mila Kolomeitseva was officially fired from Below Deck Mediterranean, the fans’ voracious appetite to uncover who replaces her is on fire.

Fan speculation raged long before Kolomeitseva was fired. Many insisted Chef Ben Robinson would replace the struggling chef. A photo of Robinson and the current cast surfaced months ago that ignited the rumor. Robinson actively tweeted during the first episode. Plus he commented on Kolomeitseva’s skills.

Bruno Duarte |Photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

But the crew, including chief stew Hannah Ferrier, put the rumors to rest.  “Ben doesn’t replace Mila,” Ferrier said during an interview with AfterBuzz TV It’s Bravo Betch! podcast. “Sorry.”

It is quite possible someone entirely new could replace Kolomeitseva (or third stew Anastasia Surmava will continue as the chef). However, some Twitter fans wondered if this former deckhand was chosen.

He recently became a yacht chef

Former Below Deck deckhand, Bruno Duarte recently started posting about becoming a yacht chef. Duarte was hired to work on deck on the show, but seemed to be inspired and comfortable in the kitchen.

Chef Matt Burns appeared to welcome Duarte’s assistance and even collaborated with Duarte on meal planning toward the end of the season. Since leaving Below Deck, Duarte has tried his hand at a few businesses but always focused on health and nutrition. He even started an amazing vegan baking company where he showed off some serious confectionary eye candy on his Instagram.

Now he’s working on yachts, but this time as the chef. He posted about provisioning and seems to be in his element. During one charter he posted images and descriptions of what he was serving to guests and one dish looked more delightful than the next.

Did she say ‘Bruno?’

Immediately after Captain Sandy Yawn relieved Kolomeitseva of her duties she knew she’d have to act fast to find a replacement. She appointed Surmava to take over for the next charter but knew she needed a full-time replacement.

Fans became giddy when they thought they overheard Yawn call someone named “Bruno” for the job. Duarte picked up on it and tweeted. “Did Captain Sandy tried to call me when Mila was fired? Cause I didnt received anything…everyone thinks that @CaptSandyYawn said Bruno after she got fired. I wish tho… next time!”

Yawn saw his tweet and wrote, “Hey Bruno! Good to know fans are thinking of you! Have a great day!” But fans continued to ask even after it was quite apparent Duarte was not the new chef.

Maybe someday…

After answering more questions on Twitter, Duarte set the record straight. “Thanks @BravoTV everyone thanks Im back on the show,” he tweeted. “Im busy storing provisions for my next charter and Im answering messages about me going back as a chef, since captain said my name….so whats going on?”

Duarte shared a few pictures of what he was provisioning for the next charter. One image included plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. No canned fish in sight.

Who will be the new chef? Find out when Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Bravo every Monday at 9/8c.