‘Below Deck Med’: What Is Captain Sandy’s Pet Peeve?

At this point, the mantra, “June, June, Hannah” is being requested as Colin Macy-O’Toole‘s new rap by Below Deck Mediterranean fans. Ever since third stew June Foster joined the Sirocco team she seems to be having an epic problem with her radio.

Cameras captured chief stew Hannah Ferrier, calling to her third stew on the radio a number of times but Foster never seems to hear her. Initially, Foster admitted to removing her earpiece. But later she insisted she had her earpiece in place and seemed confused about why she couldn’t hear her name.

Joao Franco and Captain Sandy Yawn
Joao Franco, Captain Sandy Yawn | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The crew joined together in the latest episode, to help Foster check her radio and determine if it was working. It’s not just the crew who is frustrated. Captain Sandy Yawn marked this behavior as her pet peeve. She says in a confessional, “If a crew member doesn’t answer when you call them on a radio, that’s my pet peeve.” How did Foster get to this point?

Ferrier remains professional

Ferrier has a new stew, her former third stew is now the chef and she is managing a bevy of demanding guests on board. Needless to say, she might be a little stressed. So to have Foster not respond to her on the radio has to be pretty unnerving.

But Ferrier holds it together even when she tries multiple times to reach Foster. On every occasion, when Foster doesn’t respond, Ferrier would scour the yacht for Foster to deliver the request in person.

Even though Foster insists Ferrier seemed annoyed, Ferrier would remain professional. She’d deliver the request and then gently remind Foster to keep her earpiece in and respond to being called.

Then the team gets involved

Ferrier eventually becomes exasperated when she realizes Foster never responds to any of her requests on the radio. As Foster is doing the laundry, Ferrier asks why she’s not responding. Foster seems confused and says she has no idea. “Maybe I don’t understand my own name if you say June,” Foster says. Then adds in a confessional how she’s feeling Ferrier’s ire and that she’s a nice girl.

So the deck team jumps in to help Foster test her radio. Macy-O’Toole personally tests Foster’s radio with Ferrier and it appears to be in working order too.

She seems appreciative but when bosun João Franco later asks if she’s o.k. she appears defensive. Foster says in a confessional that she doesn’t know who to trust and worries she gave Franco too much information. Meanwhile, Franco seems completely confused because he was hoping to connect with her on a personal level.

But don’t ignore Captain Sandy on the radio

While Ferrier seems frustrated that Foster doesn’t respond, Yawn let Foster know if she doesn’t respond, she’ll be dealing with her wrath. Yawn notices some chairs were left pushed away from a table. She calls Foster on the radio and Foster doesn’t respond.

When Yawn finds Foster she gently asks her to push the chairs back but then has a message for her. “You must listen and answer Hannah,” Yawn says. “Or you’ll feel the wrath of me.” As Yawn speaks, Foster insists nothing is coming through her radio. So Yawn gives Foster her own radio to ensure she can hear.

Will Foster finally start using her radio? Will she avoid Yawn’s wrath? Stay tuned when Below Deck Med returns next Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.