‘Below Deck Med’: Which Two Crew Members Are in Trouble With Captain Sandy?

Two Sirocco crew members seem to be phoning in their jobs as Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean has had enough.

This season has been exhausting. From playing “chef roulette” to a number of crew shifts, the team may be running out of steam. However, Yawn isn’t playing, especially when one of the crew members thinks he knows better than the seasoned captain.

Joao Franco, Hannah Ferrier
Joao Franco, Hannah Ferrier | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

So which two crew members are on Yawn’s radar? And what did they do to get there? Yawn has said crew members who are on her mind first thing in the morning typically get canned so are these crew members in jeopardy of being fired?

Do your job

Chief stew Hannah Ferrier doesn’t find a lot of inspiration in dinner decor and aesthetics. During a previous Below Deck Med episode Yawn seemed underwhelmed with the tablescape. She pulled Ferrier into the bridge to show her what kind of tables she hoped Ferrier would create. “I want our tables to look like this,” she said, showing Ferrier photos on her phone. “And I know you are limited with what we have. Isn’t that beautiful? Can’t we do this? I love this.”

Yawn added, “I realized I want Hannah to bring it on. If she can’t do it, then inspire your stews to do it.” Apparently, one of Ferrier’s stews was inspired because second stew Aesha Scott is filmed asking Yawn if the team could do a white glove dinner for the guests in an upcoming episode. Yawn seems thrilled with the idea.

However, when Yawn asks Ferrier about the dinner during the tip meeting, Ferrier said they didn’t do it. Yawn is furious. “The fact that the white glove was squashed really irritates me,” Yawn says. “I think … what the f**k. It’s not that hard. Sandy isn’t happy with the interior and it starts with you.” She gestures toward Ferrier. Hannah, step up to the plate and do your job.”

But he thinks he knows better than the captain

Although Ferrier made Yawn’s list, bosun João Franco made one move he likely regrets. While the charter guests are enjoying a meal, Franco and Yawn face off over a jet ski repair.

“Does this have a sparkplug,” Yawn questions. When Franco says yes, she responds, “OK, so did you take it out?” He says, “It’s not the sparkplug.” Yawn then asks if he even looked at it. Meanwhile, deckhand Colin Macy-O’Toole looks on cringing. Franco says the jet ski won’t turn over. But Yawn is getting supremely annoyed. “I didn’t start in this f**king industry yesterday,” she says. “Just look at the plug.”

He continues to talk and Yawn says, “Why are you so anti? Because you’re a know it all. Because you know everything. When you think it shouldn’t be done, you decide it shouldn’t be done.” She adds, “I’m your captain telling you to do it and you’re not doing it. You see the problem? I could be a prick, and say, ‘Shut the f**k up and take the sparkplug out.’ But I don’t. I talk to you very nicely. But your ego takes over.” At this point Yawn is at the end of her rope. In a confessional, she says Franco has the utmost lack of respect for her. “And it pisses me off.”