‘Below Deck’ Producer Discovered a Cast Member Had a Serious Drug Problem

Things can be unpredictable on a yacht.

Things can be unpredictable on a yacht. | jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images Plus

If you regularly watch the Bravo series Below Deck, you’re familiar with all the antics that occur on the yacht. It’s sure to leave you entertained. However, there are some things you won’t see. Below Deck producer and creator Mark Cronin revealed some juicy tidbits about the reality show. Here’s how the creator and producer of Below Deck found out a cast member had a serious drug problem.

Some say drug use among yachties is common

A lively thread on Reddit mentioned drug use on chartered yachts. Several Reddit members said they believe drug use isn’t all that rare during a charter. One discussion participant pointed out the long hours likely lead some yachties to resort to drug use. “They work such long hours I can’t really blame them,” he said. Another chimed in: “the cokehead thing is true.” Yet another person on Reddit added, “I believe that…. boat people are usually big drinkers and druggies.”

Captain Lee Rosbach once had to kick guests off the boat for bringing illegal drugs

Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Rosbach, Below Deck | Greg Endries/Bravo

Drugs have caused some major disruptions on Below Deck. Captain Lee Rosbach once even had to end a charter and ask his guests to leave after illegal drugs were found on the boat. Rosbach says he wasn’t thrilled about having this moment captured on camera. “Sometimes, of course, the camera was right there even when you had moments when you wish they weren’t,” he says in his book, Running Against the Tide: True Tales from the Stud of the Sea. Rosbach shared his account of that day in his book:

The most memorable one of those kinds of adventures was when we had some photographer clients who brought what I suspected was cocaine onto the boat. Lots of people seem to view yachting as some kind of above-the-law form of recreation. They think that going out into the ocean means we’re in international waters and that laws no longer apply to them… That doesn’t mean you can transport hard drugs.

It looked like at least one of these guys was using the same logic as a 7-year-old who says he can do whatever he wants because America is a free country. It was a tough situation to be in. On the one hand, we want the clients to be happy. On the other hand, I don’t want my boat to get boarded by the Coast Guard, and I don’t want to go to jail for 25 years. I made the decision to kick them off the boat.

How a producer found a Below Deck cast member had a drug problem

White steel yacht with white deck

yacht | iStock.com/ Cheryl Ramalho

In an Ask Me Anything for Reddit, Below Deck producer and creator Mark Cronin recalled the time he found out one of the cast members was hiding drug use. He said she went to great lengths to hid what she was doing: “We once had a cast member have her boyfriend drop off special shampoo for her every couple of days. It turned out the shampoo bottles were stuffed with coke! They are always sober when they audition–you never know what someone might be like once they’re not–until you see it,” he said.

Kate Chastain was accused by Bruno Duarte of having a cocaine habit

Allegations of drug use abound among the Below Deck crew. For example, during a brutal Twitter feud, Kate Chastain was accused by Bruno Duarte of being a cocaine addict, reports All About the Tea. Duarte didn’t hold back: “You should show to everyone how addicted to cocaine you are, as you are being so miserable and hateful… I should have taken pictures with u and the dollar bills you used to snort coke.” Chastain said Duarte was upset with her because she wouldn’t help him get a job. She fired back, saying “[Bruno] kissed my ass after filming because he wanted me to get him a job in the U.S., Chastain tweeted. “I told him I wanted to wait until the season aired before I decided.”

We’ll probably never know if Chastain does really have a drug addiction, but we do know that Below Deck is never short on drama.

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