‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Cast Members Learn Tough Lessons About Social Media Hate

Only one out of the 10 cast members from Below Deck Sailing Yacht had experience with reality television before embarking upon the series.

Parker McCown, Madison Stalker, Ciara Duggan, Paget Berry
Parker McCown, Madison Stalker, Ciara Duggan, Paget Berry |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

For several new cast members, being on the show brought to light a painful side effect — social media. Some viewers will make funny or light remarks about the show on Twitter and Instagram. But others feel the need to bash the television personality’s character. Some cast members have gotten hit harder than others, with some viewers expressing disdain for the cast member.

Some people might argue that the cast put themselves out there, so they are free game. But cast members share how social media negatively impacted them, especially during the lockdown.

Ciara Duggan went public with her struggles

Deckhand Ciara Duggan recently revealed on Instagram that she is struggling especially while being in quarantine for weeks on end. She wrote that being isolated, while also reading harsh remarks had a negative impact on her.

“I’d be lying if I said this lockdown wasn’t affecting me negatively or that some of the reactions to the show aren’t getting to me and I feel like the only way to bring awareness to the effects that things like this have on people is to just come out and say it,” she shared. “While I know I shouldn’t complain because others have it worse than I do, I also think it’s healthy and okay to acknowledge these feelings especially as someone who battles with depression.”

Adding, “It’s really important that we all do our best to be supportive of each other and be a source of positivity for one another, not just during this lockdown but everyday. You never know what someone else is going through and even as strong or resilient as that person may seem, your words still have the power to either break them down or help build them up. So check on your friends, even the tough ones and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.”

Jenna MacGillivray has spoken out about being bullied online too

Jenna MacGillivray has especially been a target for social media hatred. She too shared her thoughts on Instagram last month. “I am on a show,” she shared in her post.

“I agreed to share myself with the world and all that comes with it, however, I will remind people that I do not support abuse when I can stop it,” MacGillivray added. “So when people send abusive messages (that are literally repulsive to read), I will not listen to that. Some people have been shocked that I have the nerve not to allow abusive messages to remain on my own page. I am one person, but I know this goes on in various forms all over the internet and it is not ok.”

MacGillivray also responded to Duggan’s message. “Love this. This lockdown is really getting to me as well, I need people, just like SO many of us do…even introverts. We all need to be connected, to touch, to love. Glad you and I can have great phone catch up and laugh 😘.”  Also, other Below Deck alums like Abbi Murphy and Anastasia Surmava sent supportive remarks.

Boyfriend Paget Berry reminded Duggan that he’s there for her too.
“Great message Ciara, all of us can learn from it. Btw you have a cup of tea waiting for you in the galley 🤓.”