‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Chef Adam Builds a Special Snowmobile Companion Car for Dog Tex

Chef Adam Glick from Below Deck Sailing Yacht may be the best dog dad ever. The chef recently went adventure snowmobiling and didn’t want his dog Tex to be left behind.

Adam Glick
Adam Glick |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Glick shared on his Instagram story that he hand-built a companion car for Tex to ride in as they explored the snowy wilderness. He first showed the beginnings of the “Texmobile” as he started to assemble the hardware of the car. Glick then showed the skeleton frame for the companion car. “The beginnings of the Texmobile, also known as the Texla,” he wrote.

Another video showed the fully assembled car, better known as the “Texla.” A friend shot a video of Glick rolling up in his snowmobile pulling the Texla (and Tex inside) behind. “Texla is complete, happy dog” Glick included over the video.

The Texla is pretty tricked out

Glick doesn’t skimp when it comes to his favorite pup. He shared another video that gives viewers a pretty good idea of what it’s like to ride inside the Texla. First, the Texla is branded on the outside so Tex is ensured to ride in style.

Also, even though Glick knows Tex is protected by fur, he still makes sure his dog is bundled up. It appears that Tex is also wearing a cozy down dog vest to stay warm. He also has a blanket covering the floor of the Texla and plenty of windows so he can enjoy the scenery. The Texla also appears to have a seat so it is likely that Glick can buckle Tex in for safety.

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Tex hitching a ride to the lake.

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After an afternoon of snowmobiling, Glick and Tex explore a snow-covered marina. The area is deserted as Tex prances in the deep snow. Glick happens upon a boat covered in snow, docked at the marina. Glick also shared a post of the two enjoying their day of snowmobiling. “Tex hitching a ride to the lake,” he commented.

Tex usually rides like a boss

The Texla is just one small aspect of how this dog is living the good life. Tex is Glick’s constant companion as the two zigzag their way across the country in Glick’s van.

Ever since Glick rescued Tex from the streets in Texas, the two have been inseparable. From surfing to hiking, Tex goes wherever Glick goes. “The best part about surfing with your dog; all the other surfers want to give you their waves, Glick wrote along with a photo of Tex on the surfboard. “Also, now I don’t have to leave him in the van. Bonus 🤙🏽.”

This summer Glick shared a photo of Tex just chilling in a hammock. “Hangin out in Banff and such,” Glick remarked. The fact that Tex literally goes everywhere with Glick isn’t lost on the yacht chef. “I’m beginning to think that this dog gets to see more than most humans do. 🚐💨,” he observed. Tex is probably very used to life with Glick. When Glick was away filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht, he stayed with Glick’s family. When it came time to reunite, the dog’s joy could not be contained.