‘Below Deck’ Superfans Leslie Jones and Jimmy Fallon Test Their Season 7 Knowledge

Saturday Night Live alums Leslie Jones and Jimmy Fallon put their extensive Below Deck knowledge to the test during the One Second Quiz on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Comedian Leslie Jones and host Jimmy Fallon play a game
Comedian Leslie Jones and host Jimmy Fallon play a game. |Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Jones has amassed a cult Twitter following since she started live-tweeting about Below Deck. She not only shares video clips but also running commentary where she truly tells it like it is.

She’s been very vocal about her support of chief stew Kate Chastain, especially as many of the men on the boat have lashed out at her. Most recently, Jones got in deep with the latest episode. She was extremely angry with the men on the boat and almost vowed to no longer watch the show.

However, a preview of a penis cake served to the next charter guest piqued Jones’ interest, and fans hope she’s in for the duration. Plus, some would like to see her host the Below Deck reunion to hold many of the men accountable.

Jimmy Fallon and Leslie Jones first talk about Jones’ live tweets

Jones appeared on Fallon’s show to discuss her new Netflix special, Time Machine. But first Fallon wanted to talk about Below Deck and her popular live-tweeting. Jones wanted viewers to know that it takes time to create the tweets, videos, and commentary with each episode.

“What you see is what I give y’all,” she explained. “It takes me three hours to do that. Because I stop. I wash clothes. I call my auntie. I do a lot of stuff when I’m watching TV.”

Fallon launched in, wanting to know how Jones is ‘Team Rhylee [Gerber].” But Jones shot back.

“What is wrong with you?” she said. “You know, it’s like they are straight gas-lighting this poor girl, and we don’t know how they’re cutting it. I’m not saying that Rhylee don’t have an attitude. But if you are approaching three men who already don’t like you and you are getting that energy … I’m gonna approach you like that, too!”

She added, “Ashton [Pienaar] is completely inappropriate! He is not a good boss!” Jones continued to lay into Pienaar, concluding, “That man is a walking misogynistic biscuit.”

Although fans are begging for Jones to host the reunion, it probably wouldn’t play out well for Pienaar. She joked about how if he approached her, she’d open the gates of hell on him.

Jones is on fire during the One Second Quiz

Fallon explained the rules for the One Second Quiz as he and Jones revved up for the competition. He said they would view just 1 second from a previous episode of Below Deck. Whoever could name what occurred in the clip would receive a point.

They both quickly hit their buzzers as the first clip showed Chastain storming off the boat while a producer asks, “Kate, where are you going?”

Fallon described the clip as Jones hilariously asserted, “You’re cheating!” Fallon replied, “I didn’t cheat! Kate Chastain, the great Kate Chastain!” Jones agreed. “I love Kate!” she said.

The next clip was of charter guest Brandy passed out inside the clear-bottom kayak. Jones took this one. “That’s when the too-drunk girl got too drunk on the island. And they had to bring her back on the plastic boat!” she said. Meanwhile, Fallon was melting in laughter.

Both Jones and Fallon loved the next clip of Captain Lee Rosbach slamming the double doors while shirtless.

“My favorite scene,” Jones said. “Captain Lee coming to straighten them out with no shirt on. That’s like daddy getting up in the middle of the night like, ‘Why y’all in this room! Making all this noise! I’m trying to sleep! Go to sleep!'”

The final round was worth 1,000 points, according to Fallon. Jones jumped in early and proclaimed the scene was where deckhand Brian de Saint Pern gets the antibiotic shot to help his knee infection. “It still didn’t work, though!” Jones exclaimed.