‘Below Deck’: What Did Kate Chastain Say About That Kiss With Ashton Pienaar?

No one saw that one coming. When bosun Ashton Pienaar from Below Deck appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a caller asked if he had ever hooked up with Kate Chastain.

The question never came up before, but in the previews for next week, Pienaar and Chastain are caught in a liplock when the crew goes out for the night. He appears to be contemplating the kiss with Chastain and then cameras catch him going for it.

Kate Chastain, Adrian Martin, Ashton Pienaar
Kate Chastain, Adrian Martin, Ashton Pienaar | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

So when he was put in the hot seat during the After Show, how did he respond? Plus Chastain tweeted her thoughts on the kiss when a Twitter user posted a screenshot of the moment.

Pienaar seemed to squirm when he received the question

The caller went straight to the point during the After Show. “I was wondering if Ashton has ever hooked up with Kate,” the caller inquired. “And if he still has a crush on her.” As the caller spoke, Pienaar’s eyes widened.

Cohen reiterated the question as Pienaar blushed and nervously swiveled in his chair. The crowd went wild, Cohen looked surprised and co-guest Caroline Rhea went into poke Pienaar. “Not yet,” Pienaar said holding his hands up.

“Not yet,” Cohen said. “You think it’s gonna happen?” Pienaar said, “We’ll have to wait and see.” But Rhea added, “Excuse me, he has liar lips. He did it.” When Pienaar asks for clarification, Rhea said, “Liar lips. You can tell when someone’s lying because they’re… male… and because their lips kinda go like this … Kate?” She imitates Pienaar’s reaction. When Rhea suggests Pienaar slept with Chastain he insists, “I’ve never slept with Kate.”

Chastain had something to say about that kiss too

WWHL tweeted the moment, which Chastain re-tweeted. When a Twitter user posted a screengrab the moment of the liplock, she retweeted it and had her own comment about the kiss. “Did someone say Beef tongue,” she remarked along with the image.

Viewers reacted similarly and added to the humor. “It’s definitely cheek adjacent,” one person quipped. Another wrote, “Such a tongue in cheek comments.” This person wondered, “Dammit Kate ….do you know [how] much it’s going to cost to have you dry cleaned after that?”

A few people took a walk down memory lane, conjuring up one of Chastain’s least favorite crew members. “Better then beef cheeks,” the person wrote referencing chef Leon Walker’s favorite dish.

The heat between Pienaar and Chastain gets much hotter

Rather than turning up the heat in the romance department, the dial seems to go the other way. In the season seven trailer, the two appear to butt heads. Pienaar points at Chastain telling her no one likes her. She cooly walks away telling him that she quits. Cameras capture her walking off the boat.

When Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast asked Chastain how she felt about working with Pienaar this season, she offered a very cryptic response. “I really enjoyed working with Ashton last season,” she said. “So I was very excited for him to become bosun because I thought he’d be a great leader.”

She added, “But a leadership position is more stressful. So, I liked working with Ashton last season.” Captain Lee Rosbach piped in, “There’s that telltale pause.”