‘Below Deck’: Which Crew Members Does Captain Lee Think Soared (And Flopped) From the Last Charter?

In his highly anticipated blog, Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck detailed which crew members hit a home run and possibly struck out during the last episode.

His thoughts matched his words and actions during the episode. While he had nothing but praise for chief stew, Kate Chastain and the interior team, he offered a few ways for the deck team to improve. Needless to say, he also had a few suggestions for chef Kevin Dobson too. The latest episode was the first time viewers saw Rosbach and Dobson at odds (and it doesn’t look like their relationship is going to get much better either).

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach|Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Rosbach kept his comments centered on his crew but remarked that charter guest Brandy kept everyone on their toes. So who were the charter MVPs and who needs to step it up?

Who made the ‘best move of the night?’

Rosbach seems to be loving the interior team this season. He had praise for Chastain, but also her stews, Simone Mashile and Courtney Skippon. Rosbach first addressed Mashile. “Simone, you had a tough week that wasn’t of your making, but I thought you dealt with it well. I was glad to see Kate remove you from Kevin’s sights despite the fact it meant going back to the laundry room. But, you took it well, didn’t bitch, just acted professionally and did your job. I like the fact that you keep plugging away at any task given, no whining, just doing your job and doing it well all while trying very hard to learn, and please. You had a good week as well. Keep up the good work.”

When he pivoted to comment on Skippon he praised her for making the best move when Brandy re-appeared later in the evening and wanted a cocktail. “Good call to go to Kate when Brandy came up again and wanted to start drinking again. When in doubt, go to supervision and let them make the call, which you did. Solid move. Now best move of the night was you making the Mimosa with OJ and sparkling water. Very innovative and quick thinking. Being mindful with out being confrontational. Well done. I like what I see from the interior team so far.”

He also praised Skippon’s help with Brandy when she was in bed and Rosbach was by her side. “Oh and thanks for your patience and understanding when I was trying to do what I could for Brandy while waiting for the Medic to arrive. I know it was uncomfortable but you handled it well.”

But the deck team didn’t earn his praise

In contrast to the interior, the deck team seemed to be making quite a few errors. Rosbach started with bosun Ashton Pienaar. “Ashton, you didn’t have a stellar week, but you are still getting used to the fact that, intentional or not, your crew will toss you under the bus in a heartbeat. The incident with the davit, Abbi not keeping her hair up, despite you telling her numerous times. I do feel that you may be trying to much to be a friend instead of a mgr to your staff.” 

He also had more to say to deckhand Abbi Murphy about her hair too. “Abbi I am going to stay on you about your hair until one of us gives in and I can promise you it will not be me. It is beautiful, would love to see you keep in and the rest of your good looks. No, the boat isn’t sinking because of your hair, but if it gets caught in the davit cable, anchor windlass, tender line you will not have your hair or good looks any longer and be lucky to just survive.”

He added that he now saw how drunk she was when the group went out in-between charters too. “You are also fortunate for me not to have witnessed your behavior coming back from your night out, or you not answering the bell in the am. Broke two of my basic rules on one night out. You were embarrassing yourself and the boat.”

Of course deckhands Brian de Saint Pern and Tanner Sterback were not spared either. While Rosbach wasn’t thrilled about the broken davit he appreciated de Saint Pern’s honesty and transparency. As for Sterback, he didn’t love that he seemed focused on partying. “I think that maybe you may want to have getting “hammered “ as a goal at the charters end. Those nights don’t usually end well.”

And then there was chef Kevin …

Rosbach didn’t need to go any further with his comments about Dobson. He was angry with Dobson’s attitude during charter. But he offered some insights into how Dobson could earn his respect. “Right now I’m not impressed with the job you’re doing, as I have told you to your face. Which you didn’t bother to do when you referred to me as a C*^%. Oh and by the way, while you were standing behind me on the bridge, I was driving the boat, concentrating on what was in front of me not your lame apology that was coming from someplace behind me.”

However, “If you want my respect, you have to get it the old fashioned way, you have to earn it. I do believe you have talent, I just haven’t seen it yet, and your attitude could use a little help as well. Arrogance and condescension doesn’t become you at all.”