‘Below Deck’: Why Does Rhylee Gerber Think Chef Kevin Came for Her During That First Dinner?

Sometimes you just want something keto. Or paleo. Regardless, deckhand Rhylee Gerber from Below Deck says she thinks chef Kevin Dobson overreacted to her request for a keto-friendly option at dinner.

Rhylee Gerber
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Gerber offered her perspective of the crew’s dinner together and addressed how a simple request exploded into a smackdown. When chief stew Kate Chastain asked Dobson to order for the table, Gerber piped in and asked if he could include a paleo option. He snarked at her and suggested she refer to her “keto menu.” While the exchange was playful at first, it quickly slid downhill. “Everybody is asked to say what they want to eat for dinner,” Gerber recalls in the Below Deck After Show. “And Kevin’s going to order it. I think everybody put in their orders before me.”

When Dobson suggests Gerber refer to her “keto” menu she laughs.”I want something paleo, I want something keto. I just wanted something not fried, I felt f**king bloated. It’s hot as f**k in Thailand, I had not prepared to be on the show,” she says. “Because I’m eating whatever the f**k I want to eat at home. And it’s not f**king complicated. I don’t’ know why it triggered such an emotional event from Kevin.”

But if she had to guess, she thinks this is why Dobson reacted this way

Even though Gerber isn’t exactly sure why Dobson reacted the way he did, she has her suspicions. “I think Kevin, honestly, either had an opinion about me because he’d seen the show last season,” she says. “Or because Ashton [Pienaar] had an opinion to share with him. So he formed one with Ashton, like being one of the guys.”

“Instead of recognizing where that issue lies, it was I’m just going to go with the scapegoat that we’ve always gone with and make her out to be the villain,” she continues.

Gerber adds she just doesn’t want to be walked all over. “I’m not someone that’s just going to lay down and say, ‘Oh yeah, I should have said chicken skewers,’ or whatever, you’re a f**king chef,” she says. “If you don’t f**king know what keto is or paleo is, and you can’t handle that, then why are you a chef on a luxury yacht? I’m not going to say that I didn’t overreact, but I also didn’t spark that. So, I am a reactionary person to what is brought on to me. There’s a difference between someone who is angry all the time, who is spuing this hate for no reason, versus someone who is strong enough to say f**k you, you’re wrong.”

What does the crew think?

Stew Simone Mashile was happy Gerber stood up for herself. But, “She put people in places where they didn’t even belong,” stew Courtney Skippon adds. “Everything was going really well and everyone was getting along well, and then she was like, ‘I’m going to change that.'”

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Deckhand Tanner Sterback, who was also a recipient of Gerber’s wrath that night shares he thinks Gerber likes to push buttons. “This what you want your first impression to be?” he asks. But deckhand Brian de Saint Pern thinks Gerber wanted this to be her first impression. He thinks Gerber “loves” acting combative. But, “She can also be a very nice person,” he says. “I’ve had moments with her where she’s a really good person. I think she’s doing it on purpose to get thrills.” Sterback nods in agreement.