Ben Affleck is Looking for Love on Raya Amid Sobriety Struggles and Katie Cherry Rumors

Ben Affleck is getting his online dating groove on. Inside sources claim that Affleck has an official profile on the dating app, Raya, and that he just updated his page. Not only did he change most of his photos, but he also set his favorite song to Bob Marley’s track, “Guava Jelly.” Here’s everything we know about Affleck’s latest attempt to find love.

Ben Affleck dating
Ben Affleck | Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Affleck sets up Raya account

Affleck reportedly changed his Raya profile after an insider exposed it. Although one source said that Affleck deleted the account, turns out he just changed it.

“He changed the song and almost all of the photos. He’s still on [it but] it’s all different now. His new song is ‘Guava Jelly’ by Bob Marley,” a source revealed.  For those interested, the track talks a lot about love and crying, which is probably appropriate given Ben Affleck’s recent heartbreaks.

According to Page Six, Affleck has been dating for a number of months and is looking for a longterm relationship. Fortunately, the actor is doing a lot better these days and is focusing on raising his children and boosting his career.

Although he keeps a busy schedule, Affleck is ready to fall in love once again. We can only hope that Affleck finds someone that’s right, even if it is on a dating app.

Affleck was previously married to Jennifer Garner until their split in 2015. He went on to date Lindsay Shookus, a producer on Saturday Night Light, but their romance ended earlier this year.

He also hooked up with a model for Playboy named Shauna Sexton last year, though sources say that their romance was not serious.

Ben Affleck spotted on multiple dates

While he hasn’t found anyone serious, Affleck was recently spotted on a date with a mysterious brunette in Bel-Air. An eyewitness says that the pair appeared to have enjoyed themselves on the date but did not share any PDA.

Affleck also enjoyed a night out with Laurene Powell Jobs, who was previously married to the late Steve Jobs. The two went to a restaurant in Santa Monica, though sources claim that they are just good friends.

He most recently is rumored to be dating musician Katie Cherry, but E! News claims that it is nothing serious and that they have only seen each other a few times.

Part of Ben Affleck’s success with his sobriety – more on that later – has been attributed to Shookus, who convinced him to start drinking coffee whenever he wants a drink.

Shookus has also moved on from their relationship and is reportedly dating Mad Men alum Jon Hamm. Jennifer Garner meanwhile has been dating John Miller for some time and the relationship is reportedly serious enough that Garner was spotted meeting his parents earlier this month.

Affleck has not commented on the rumors surrounding his dating life.

Garner skips out on Affleck’s birthday

Despite all the drama that happened during the divorce, Garner and Ben Affleck have remained good friends over the years.

The two are particularly keen on raising their children together and have done a great job co-parenting — all things considered. Although they do a lot of things together with their kids, this year was a little different.

Affleck recently celebrated turning 47 and held a birthday bash at a Los Angeles venue named Barton G.  The actor’s children made an appearance at the birthday party, but Garner was nowhere to be seen.

While Garner did not make it to the party, Affleck reportedly had a blast with his children, who loved the deserts that were made by Attila Bollok.

Affleck’s children reportedly sang him happy birthday and brought along plenty of gifts. The family has a yearly tradition of celebrating his birthday at Barton G, so the outing was nothing new for them.

Ben Affleck slips up

Affleck also managed to avoid drinking alcohol on his birthday and instead opted for a cold glass of Diet Coke. Unlike this past weekend when Ben Affleck appeared to stumble while coming out of a Halloween party.

He was then spotted at a casino, where onlookers reported that he seemed intoxicated. Affleck addressed the rumors and revealed that he had “slipped up” but that he would not let that derail his sobriety.

“You know, it happens. Just slipped, but I’m not going to let it derail me,” Affleck told TMZ

A few months ago, Affleck opened up about his sobriety and revealed that his family is a huge motivator for staying away from the booze.

When it comes to his upcoming projects, Ben Affleck recently appeared in the film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which was released in theaters earlier this month. He has a few more projects lined out for next year and has less of a busy schedule now that he is no longer Batman.