Ben Affleck’s Daughter Makes Fun of Him For His Emoji Usage

With recent reports debunked that Ben Affleck was using the exclusive dating app Raya, it doesn’t mean he isn’t online. When it comes to chatting with friends and family online, he’s using chatting services as much as everyone else.

This isn’t to say he’s an apparent pro at it. His children are of Generation Z and have grown up with internet and social media. They’ve mastered the art of internet slang and choosing the right emoji.

Apparently Affleck doesn’t spend quite as much time doing online chats as he might let on. In a recent interview, he said he’s been chided by his daughter about lack of understanding on emoji use.

Will his kids school him, or is he better suited being a mostly offline guy?

It’s kind of refreshing Ben Affleck doesn’t spend too much time online

Ben Affleck in a dark red suit laughing in front of greenery
Ben Affleck | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

After Affleck’s revelation he’s not using dating apps, it probably gave a refreshing take that not all celebrities are spending time in the cyber universe. Some might joke it’s only because Affleck is almost middle age now and maybe out of touch with technology.

Those in their late 40s should probably be technology literate, since they were in the 20-something age bracket when the internet first came into being. After more than a quarter century of internet being available to the general public, Affleck must be familiar with more than he lets on.

Some people are more about living life in the real world, though. There seems to be some hints to this when Affleck recently said he was coaxed into joining a group chat about his new basketball drama, The Way Back.

Affleck explained to People that when his co-star in the film (Melvin Gregg) mentioned a group cast chat was occurring online, Affleck wanted to join in.

Ben Affleck’s daughter, Violet, on how little her dad knows about emojis and group chats

Being 14 years old is going to mean expert knowledge on not only group chats, but a lot of other things found online. Yes, it’s a dangerous world online; Affleck’s daughter, Violet, is being watched over carefully by her mom, Jennifer Garner, in not joining Instagram yet.

Even though Affleck and Garner divorced, the relationship former has with his kids is still very close. Violet reportedly ribs her dad about not knowing enough about how to join a group chat, something he tried anyway when the cast chat happened.

At the same time, Violet poked even further about her dad’s lack of understanding in how emojis work. Affleck said: “I’m learning a lot about everything that’s going on.”

Is this really a bad thing, or does Affleck need to get more involved in understanding how online communication works?

Maybe staying away from the online world is better for everyone

Perhaps it’s arguable Affleck hasn’t done a lot online because he’s been busy making movies for the last 25 years. He does seem like a people person, and his recent comments about wanting more organic relationships with women says a lot about how he wants to live.

Any lack of understanding about emojis has nothing to do with age, either. Many people a decade older than he is understand how group chats and emojis work. Those people just spend more time online.

As Affleck works to repair his life after battling alcoholism and other personal issues, staying offline would probably be better. Anyone trying to find a better sense of reality probably wouldn’t do themselves any favors spending too much time in online public forums. This said, Affleck has been on social media since 2011.

Maybe his daughter will educate him now on emoji use so he can be prepared when it starts to become a language all its own in the social media realms.