Ben Affleck’s Highest-Grossing Movies So Far

It seems Ben Affleck has an almost identical trajectory to other iconic movie stars who hit stardom early, hit a peak, and then bottom out with some sort of personal problem. We’re hoping Affleck’s recent troubles with alcoholism and other troubles are behind him now. Plus, we hope we can add to the list of high-grossing films he’s accumulated in his career.

Even if Affleck’s run as a great filmmaker has slowed since Argo won Best Picture at the Oscars in 2013, he’s still pulling in the big bucks at the box office.

Did you know his Top Two highest-grossing films to date were made in just the last three years?

#5: ‘Gone Girl’

According to Box Office Mojo, the fifth highest-grossing movie Affleck has ever made is Gone Girl from 2014. He made this right on the heels of the Argo juggernaut, and it seemed like he could do no wrong.

The real star of this film, though, was Rosamund Pike. Affleck was still good as her husband, Nick Dunne. Regardless, it was refreshing to see him take a backseat to a superior actress.

Gone Girl earned $167,767,189 in lifetime gross domestically. Worldwide gross was double this and now enters the pantheon of top earners for Affleck.

It’s awesome a film where he played second fiddle to an actress ended up being one of his most popular. This isn’t to say his more male-dominated films didn’t ultimately take the top spots.

#4: ‘Pearl Harbor’

The second oldest Affleck film in his Top Five earners is Pearl Harbor from 2001. While this film was really a group effort from numerous actors, it was considered a true blockbuster at the time for Disney.

Since then, it hasn’t been talked about much, perhaps because it brought a lot of overly familiar tropes to WWII films. Despite stunning special effects and a reverence for the lives lost at the real Pearl Harbor, we wonder how many people (including real WWII vets) still watch this film today.

When released during Memorial Day weekend of 2001, it earned an incredible $59 million in opening week. It went on to make $198,542,554 domestically.

Worldwide, it made a whopping $449 million, showing the powerful draw of Ben Affleck’s name and WWII movie themes at the time.

#3: ‘Armageddon’

Here you have the oldest Affleck film on the Top Five list. We can’t forget 1998’s Armageddon and the impact it made on audiences at the time while driving critics crazy. Hollywood was really into disaster films again at this time, and/or equating the idea with space. Also, it was proof of Michael Bay having some kind of magic touch for throwing everything except Matt Damon into his films.

Even though Bruce Willis received top billing in Armageddon, Affleck was considered the co-star during his first major decade of success. Domestically, it made an incredible $201,578,182.

Yes, it did make $553 million globally, which you’d think would be unbeatable. When you see the top two international earners for Affleck, you’ll realize he made the right career move becoming a certain morose superhero.

#2: ‘Justice League’

Affleck’s third time playing Bruce Wayne/Batman ended up being his second most popular movie. Nobody should be surprised by this when every actor seems to find major financial success playing superheroes nowadays.

The only gripe from those who remember Affleck as a serious actor might consider his Batman roles a bit of a sellout.

If you lost count on how much money Justice League made in 2017, it pulled in $229,024,295 here in the states. You’ll probably gasp when you see it made $657 million in foreign box office takes.

No, even this isn’t Affleck’s highest grossing film.

#1: ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Most of you probably guessed this was Affleck’s top grossing film. A lot of us wish a film like Affleck’s Good Will Hunting were at the top, but we obviously can’t deny superhero films continually supersede any dramas about real people.

Admittedly, the fight scenes between Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman are amazing to watch in how they were choreographed. Whether anyone still watches the film 50 years from now is still up for debate.

Everyone enjoyed it early, because it made $330 million domestically and a walloping $873 million worldwide.

We get the feeling no other Affleck film will beat this anytime soon. With his recent Justice League franchise departure, it’s a good excuse for Affleck to go back to more humble human dramas for a while.