10 Best Bill Paxton Performances Everyone Should See

1. Frailty

Bill Paxton in 'Frailty'

Frailty | Lionsgate Films

Bill Paxton wasn’t just an actor, he had a passion for filmmaking as well. And in 2001, his directorial debut, Frailty, hit theaters. The film follows Dad Meiks, a religious fanatic who believes God has commanded him to kill the human-like demons all around him — and who passes down his charge to his sons.

It’s a quietly disturbing film, one that contemplates the implications of blind faith and parental abuse. It’s also one of Paxton’s most chilling roles. We believe that Dad Meiks thinks he is doing right as he embarks on a murderous path, and that’s half of what makes the whole film so terrifying. Frailty flew under the radar when it first hit theaters, but with time it’s come to be seen as an underrated horror gem of the early 21st century.

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