The Best ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes, According to Fans on Twitter

You can tell a lot about a person from their favorite Black Mirror episode. Now with five seasons to choose from, fans on Twitter are split over which episode is the best. From “Hang The DJ” to “San Junipero,” here are a few must-watch episodes from Netflix’s original series, Black Mirror.

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‘San Junipero’

It’s not often that a Black Mirror story gets a happy ending, and this is a queer love story. “San Junipero” tells the story of star-crossed lovers who time travel in a world called San Junipero. The ending is sweet, satisfying, and left some fans calling this the best episode of Black Mirror.

“San Junipero is still my favorite Black Mirror episode. I cry every time I watch it,” said one Twitter user.

“Season 5 of Black Mirror is happening today, meaning I’m going to re-watch San Junipero for the 6th time and pretend the rest of the series doesn’t exist,” said another Twitter user.


Starring Jurassic World and The Village actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, this episode is a social commentary on an elitist ranking system — in this universe, based on a virtual rating. Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Lacie, needs a certain score to move into a new neighborhood. What happens after that makes this one of Twitter’s favorite Black Mirror episodes.

“The nosedive episode of Black Mirror just shaped me into a completely different person like I just promptly lost my mind after watching that episode,” said one Twitter user.

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‘Hang the DJ’

It’s Tinder meets speed-dating in this romance-focused universe. In this episode, our protagonists are given a set amount of time for their relationship to last. Can they find love when the clock is always ticking?

“San Junipero and Hang the DJ are my favorite Black Mirror episodes,” said one Twitter user.

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‘USS Callister’

Everyone knows a Star Trek nerd. This episode takes it to the next level. The coder of a powerful company creates his own version of a virtual reality game. In this game, he’s in charge of his own Star Trek-based ship, entitled the USS Callister. This episode is a little bit twisted but mostly filled with action and adventure.

“The Star Trek episode is still one of my top favorites (USS Callister). Let’s see if any of these episodes live up to it,” said one Twitter user.

“Favorite episode of Black Mirror? USS Callister still takes the cake for me. What do you guys think of #BlackMirrorseason5,” tweeted actress Jamie Chung.

‘White Bear’

Perhaps the most disturbing episode on this list, “White Bear” is a social commentary on society’s obsession with watching and recording. We follow a woman as she wakes up in an unknown location, only to be followed around by weapon-weilding strangers and bystanders staring at their phones. The twist at the end of this episode is sure to stick with you for a while.

“White Bear has legit haunted me for years. I have never been able to lead a normal life since,” said one Twitter user.

Season 5 of Netflix’s Black Mirror is now available for streaming.