The Craziest Fan Theories About the Secret Title of Avengers 4 

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War

The fourth Avengers film will mark the end of the current version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige referring to it as the conclusion of a 22-movie arc. It’s only about a year away, but even though Marvel usually details its projects years in advance, we still don’t even know the name of the movie. Marvel is still officially referring to the film as Untitled Avengers Film.

So why exactly has Marvel been so secretive about the title, and what do fans expect it will be? Here’s what you need to know about this movie’s mysterious name and some of the best theories fans have about what Marvel is hiding from us.

1. The fourth Avengers film was originally called Infinity War Part 2

Avengers: Infinity War - Marvel
The original announcement for the release dates of Avengers 3 and 4 | Marvel

Back in 2014, Marvel Studios announced that it would be releasing an Infinity War film in two parts, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. The first was set to come in 2018, with the second following in 2019.

But after a while, Marvel apparently started having second thoughts about calling the fourth movie “Part 2,” and in 2016, the Russo Brothers announced that they would be retitling the second film, telling Uproxx that they felt that calling the movies “Part 1” and “Part 2” was actually misleading. They also said at the time that they hadn’t come up with the title for the second part yet, and so Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 just became Untitled Avengers Film.

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2. Kevin Feige once suggested that the new title is a spoiler

Kevin Feige in a cap and blue jacket speaking into a microphone at Comic-Con.
President of Marvel Studios and producer Kevin Feige | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

In the months following the Russo Brothers’ announcement that they would be retitling the fourth Avengers, fans waited to hear an announcement about what the new name would be. But no announcement came. Earlier in 2017, Kevin Feige was asked if the title was being withheld because it’s a spoiler, and he said that that is correct.

This immediately caused fans to go wild with speculation, wondering what the title could possibly be that it would be considered a spoiler. Later, Feige did go back on this a bit, saying that they’re mostly holding the title back because they want people to focus on Infinity War.

“Yeah, I think some of that has been blown out of proportion,” Feige said, referring to his quote about the title being a spoiler. “We do want the focus to be on Infinity War for now.”

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3. It could be called Avengers: Infinity Crusade

Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War | Marvel

For a while, the number one theory about the movie’s title was that it would be called Infinity Gauntlet, named after the comic book. But Kevin Feige has ruled this out.

However, it could be something similar: Avengers: Infinity Crusade. That’s the name of a 1993 Marvel series, which was the sequel to Infinity War and Infinity Gauntlet. The plot of that comic is quite a bit different than what Avengers 4 would be about. But it’s still a great title that Marvel might want to lift for their upcoming sequel.

It would also make sense that Marvel would want to make clear that this movie is directly related to Infinity War, so keeping the word “infinity” in there would be a logical way to do so.

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4. It could be called Avengers: Eternity

Thanos looking at the Infinity Guantlet with four stones in it
Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet | Marvel

The Russo Brothers have revealed that of the titles that fans have guessed, the one that comes the closest is Avengers Forever.

One other title fans had guessed was Avengers: Eternity, or Avengers: Eternity War. This would both sound a bit similar to Infinity War and would reflect the movie’s rumored time travel plot.

And if the title was something like Avengers: EternityAvengers Forever would definitely be the closest guess, so this theory does have some merit to it.

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5. It could be called Avengers: Disassembled or Avengers: Reassembled

Art from Avengers: Disassembled
Art from Avengers: Disassembled | Marvel Comics

Seeing as Avengers 4 is expected to end the MCU as we know it, an appropriate title could be Avengers: Disassembled. In addition to this mirroring the international title of the first film, which was called Avengers Assembled, this name would be coming from the 2004 comic series. The movie definitely wouldn’t be a direct adaptation of that comic. But there are some plot points in it that could happen in the fourth Avengers, including the death of some characters.

It also just fits with the end of Infinity War, in which the Avengers are definitely in disarray as half of their friends cease to exist. Not to mention, the negative nature fits with the Russo Brothers’ comment that the title should scare us.

Once again, Disassembled doesn’t exactly give anything away about Infinity War as Feige suggested. But perhaps he just meant that it might give away that Infinity War ends on a negative note.

An alternate but similar theory is that it will be called Avengers: Reassembled, since it will be about attempting to assemble the team again by saving everyone who died.

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6. It could be called The New Avengers

The New Avengers come face to face with the Classic Avengers in New Avengers Vol. 2
The New Avengers face off against Classic Avengers in New Avengers Vol. 2 | Marvel Comics

Before Infinity War came out, another very popular theory about the title of Avengers 4 was that it would be called The New Avengers. This was the name of a comic book series beginning in 2005 in which the Avengers roster has been changed from the roster readers got to know previously.

Does this still make sense after Infinity War? The fourth movie is clearly going to be about the old Avengers, not the new ones. However, the plot is almost certainly going to revolve around an attempt to rescue the new Avengers, so it could still work.

It would be awkward to call the movie Avengers: The New Avengers. If this theory is correct, the title would probably just be The New Avengers. And if that’s the case, it definitely makes sense to hide this title, as it would suggest that a lot of characters die at the end of Infinity War. 

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7. It could be called Avengers 4 and feature the Fantastic Four

The 2015 reboot of 'Fantastic Four.' | 20th Century Fox
The 2015 reboot of ‘Fantastic Four’ | 20th Century Fox

By far the craziest theory out there is that the actual title of the movie is Avengers 4. That’s not just a placeholder title. Why? Well, because the movie is going to introduce the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Back when this theory was first proposed, Disney did not have the rights to the Fantastic Four, so fans were speculating that Marvel had secretly worked out a deal to get the characters like they did with Spider-Man. Since then, Disney has announced a purchase of 20th Century Fox, which will give them the rights to the Fantastic Four.

But the theory is still fairly improbable, seeing as production on Avengers 4 was already underway long before the Fox deal was announced. Plus, just because the deal was announced doesn’t mean it’s complete; it will take over a year to actually go through. So for this to be the case, Marvel would have had to make a separate, unrelated deal over the Fantastic Four rights in order to get them in a movie by 2019, which seems very unlikely.

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8. It could be called Avengers: The Thanos Imperative

Thanos fights Captain America
Thanos fights Captain America. | Marvel Studios

Thanos is a great villain who people have been talking about quite a bit since Infinity War was released. So is it possible he’ll be upgraded into the title for the sequel?

There’s a comic book from 2010 called The Thanos Imperative, so that would work as a title, especially considering the movie will likely in some way involve the Avengers trying to find Thanos and reverse his actions. The comic book doesn’t really have much to do with what it seems Avengers 4 will be about, but Marvel could still lift the title.

Infinity War also ended with the note that “Thanos will return,” suggesting perhaps that the sequel will focus on him even more and the title could be incredibly menacing by sticking his name in it.

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9. It could be something that nobody has guessed

Avengers Age of Ultron
Avengers: Age of Ultron was taken directly from a comic title, but Avengers 4 may not be. | Marvel Studios

There’s always the possibility that the title of the fourth Avengers movie will be completely original and not based on any Marvel comics. After all, Marvel has on several occasions made up their own titles for their movies.

A lot of fans think the title will have the word “infinity” in it so that it connects in some way to Infinity War. This way, audiences are clear on the fact that Avengers 4 continues from Avengers: Infinity War rather than being completely separate in the way that Age of Ultron and Infinity War are. But if it’s just something generic and made up, that really wouldn’t be a spoiler, suggesting that the title is either based on a comic book or is somewhat revealing in another way.

Regardless, we have a while to guess, as the Russo Brothers say the title won’t be revealed for “quite a long while.”

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