The Most Famous Movie Filmed in Each State

Every American holds a little slice of pride for their home state. Given the expansive nature of the film industry, it’s made it so that every citizen from every state has seen a slice of their hometown on screen, feeding right into that sense of pride.

That, in turn, has us wondering: What were some of the best films shot in the U.S., purely on a state-by-state basis? Let’s run through the list, beginning alphabetically…

1. Alabama: Big Fish

Ewan McGregor, wearing a red shirt in a town square, and looking into the camera curiously

Ewan McGregor in “Big Fish” | Columbia Pictures

Big Fish stands apart from Tim Burton’s body of work, as a bright, generally optimistic father-son story. With the exception of a short diversion to Paris, France, the entire movie was shot in and around Montgomery, Alabama, giving the Heart of Dixie a formidable entry for its crowning cinematic achievement.

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