Fans Say #NotMyScar to ‘The Lion King’ Trailer: Best Tweets

Fans took to Twitter and (in funny and angry ways) expressed their dissatisfaction with the new Scar in Disney’s recent trailer for the upcoming live-action remake.

After Disney dropped the latest trailer for its live-action remake of the highly anticipated Summer blockbuster The Lion King, fans quickly took to the internet to express their dissatisfaction regarding Scar’s appearance. While mostly satisfied with the rest of the sneak peek, Scar seems to have lost his signature style, grace, and look in favor of a skinner, more ragged kind of Lion.

The Lion King
The Lion King | Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Fans are wondering why Scar has been so drastically changed and who made the decision to alter his appearance in such an unsettling way. So, as any good fans do, they took to Twitter. This list will highlight the best #NotMyScar tweets, as well as general tweets referencing scar (sans the 3#) in response to the recent trailer and his altered appearance.

1) The “I’m not having this Scar be my Scar” post

Expressing the opinion of several other like-minded individuals, this Twitter user took to the internet to say precisely what everyone has been thinking: I do not approve!

2) The “What happened to Scar’s beautiful black mane?!” post

Many fans were quick to notice that, in the most recent trailer, Scar has lost signature mane that seemed to perfectly bounce and move with each maniacal step he took. Now, instead, his mane just looks a little raggedy.

3) The comments about Scar’s overall disposition (comparing the old and new versions)

While Scar was once a majestic being, he’s been turned into a lion who just looks like he could use a Snickers. What happened to his regality and pompous nature? What happened to Scar?

4) Scar’s not rocking it anymore. Where did his sex appeal go?

Many fans have gone on to state that they’re not in favor of this movie, and will not view it, due to Scar’s drastic changes alone. Scar used to have a way about him; now, he just became another ordinary villain.

Will Disney respond to all the backlash surrounding Scar after dropping the new trailer for ‘The Lion King?’

Given the territorial nature fans tend to possess when it comes to classic Disney tales, Jon Favreau (the man behind the movie) may be forced to explain the decision. Why is Scar so different? Why did the creators decide to change his character?

Is 2019’s The Lion King looking to modernize the tale or provide a contemporary twist? Whatever the reasoning is, fans are unlikely to accept it. For, when you fashion a remake to such a classic story, there’s a necessary degree of respect and homage that must be given to the source material. With all the changes to Scar’s character, it seems that the original character got lost in the shuffle.