10 of the Best Netflix Original Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Netflix has so much to offer than it can be dizzying to make a selection before you decide to give up. Don’t. Mine through their extensive crates and there are plenty of original movie gems that are waiting to be unearthed.

The company has been pumping out their own films since 2015 and boasts over 150 titles that feature lesser known actors and Hollywood stars. Why take a trip to the movie theater when you can become your own “Netflix and Chill” meme?

We know you’re already familiar with popular hits such as To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Beasts of No Nation, Bird Box, and The Christmas Chronicles, but it’s time to take a walk on the uncharted side. There are comedies, dramedies, thrillers, action movies, documentaries, and much more waiting to be discovered by your account. Scroll through this list of obscure Netflix movies and settle in your sofa or bed for a spell.

Netflix logo on TV.
Netflix logo onscreen. | Getty Images/Chesnot

‘Cam’ (2018)

Learn why Rotten Tomatoes gave this horror thriller a 94% fresh score. It’s about an online sex worker named Alice trying to break into the top ranks when she learns another girl commandeers her digital identity—as a doppelganger. It becomes a scary game when Alice discovers she’s battling a bizarre version of herself, and she’s not alone. There’s a level of depth to the character that goes beyond her day job and you’ll want to see how she reclaims power in both her personal and business relationships.

‘Love Per Square Foot’ (2018)

We had to list a Bollywood flick on here, and if you don’t mind reading subtitles, you’ll enjoy the will-they-or-won’t-they love story about Karina and Sanjay in Love Per Square Foot. In this rom-com, the two enter into an agreement to secure a big apartment in the city, but obstacles and feelings get in the way of their big ambitions.  

‘The Little Prince’ (2015)

Netflix’s animated The Little Prince is a new spin on the French tale. A little girl rediscovers her imagination thanks to her eccentric pilot neighbor who shares stories about the time he met a little prince. Adults and children will find something to enjoy as it’s a reminder about the wonder in this world.

‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ (2018)

Audiences loved A Futile and Stupid Gesture. It’s based on the real life of Douglas Kenney, the creative mind behind National Lampoon magazine its burgeoning entertainment empire that included films and the first string of Saturday Night Live successes. Among all the humor is tragedy, inspiration, and drama.

‘Wheelman’ (2017)

You’ll find action in Wheelman as you take a wild ride with Frank Grillo’s gritty portrayal of a getaway driver who’s been duped by his partners. Or has he? There’s suspense, blackmail, and a string of crimes involved as Wheelman races to save his family.

‘Spectral’ (2016)

This sci-fi film has soldiers battling paranormal foes who can kill by contact. It’s dark. It’s futuristic. It’s high octane because of the high stakes. For much of the movie, the team doesn’t know what they’re up against. If you like war movies with a ghostly/supernatural slant, this one’s for you.

‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’ (2017)

Looking for a good revenge story? Melanie Lynskey plays a woman who decides not to let the other shoe drop on her ho-hum, depressing life. After thieves break into her home, she tag-teams with a neighbor to track them down and unleash vigilante fury. You’ll also get a few laughs in with this thriller.

‘Deidra & Laney Rob a Train’ (2017)

In this comedy/drama, a pair of teenage sisters have to figure out how to take care of things when their mom goes to jail, so what do they do? Hatch a plan for a heist. Deidra, the gifted older sister, is determined to make sure the girls don’t go into the foster care system and convinces her baby sis that the plan will work. It does until it doesn’t.

‘Pee-wee’s Big Holiday’ (2016)

Did you know Pee-wee was back on TV? This funny adventure has him linking up with Joe Manganiello, who plays himself. Dead set on leaving the small town of Fairville for fun at Joe’s party in New York, a clueless Pee-wee encounters all sorts of characters, including snake farmers, a cave-dwelling hermit, and a group of bank-robbing women. If you liked Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, then give this a try.

‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ (2017)

Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler star together as siblings whose egocentric dad (played by Dustin Hoffman) projects all his insecurities onto his adult children. The Meyerowitzes are a privileged bunch but sibling rivalries, resentments, and narcissism tangle their relationships. If you want to see Stiller and Sandler in more serious roles but still want humor, it’s a must-watch.

Glowing reviews have kept these films on people’s watch lists because there’s something for everyone. Dip your toes into unknown Netflix waters and you just might like it.