The Best Shows Like ‘Rick and Morty’ to Watch Before Season 4

After what seemed like forever, there’s finally new information on Rick and Morty: Season 4 is headed to Adult Swim in November 2019. While this is obviously great news, that’s still a long way away for die-hard fans, especially now that we got a taste of what’s to come. If you’re desperate to stay busy until Season 4 premieres, here are a few shows you can fill your time with, as well as where to watch them.

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty | Gabby Jones/Bloomberg


Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s other most popular offering is Futurama. It’s earned numerous awards and followed the oft-seen pattern of cartoons that are canceled and then later revitalized. About an ordinary Earthling who teams up with a ragtag team in the year 3000, the show features the voices of Katey Sagal and Billy West.

This is the show that, arguably, is closest in likeness to Rick and Morty. It’s animated, it’s for adults, and it features space and time travel — so by and large, this is where you should start. And fortunately, there’s a lot of content here: All 140 episodes of Futurama are available to stream on Hulu, so that’s a few months (or weeks) you’ve got taken care of.

BoJack Horseman

Once you polish off Futurama, maybe you’ll be interested in something with a bit more of the dark humor and pessimism of Rick and Morty. That’s where BoJack Horseman comes in. The Netflix original series about the titular washed-up actor who tries to get his life back on track has been thriving at the streaming service, and, like Rick and Morty, isn’t what you’d expect from an animated show.

Though BoJack begins a bit more grounded in reality (despite, you know, all of the anthropomorphic animals), it has increasingly taken dives into surrealism as it progresses. Now five seasons in (and with a sixth on the way), there’s a lot here that will remind you of Rick’s darker moments — not the least of which is both characters’ struggles with alcohol.


No, a show doesn’t have to be animated to have a bit of a Rick and Morty feel. The series’ creator, Dan Harmon, is also responsible for this hit comedy series, which aired on NBC for five seasons (before getting its reluctant sixth season on the now-defunct Yahoo! Screen). And though it had its ups and downs, certainly, Community is still worth a watch.

It’s easy to see where Harmon’s most out-there ideas came from when watching Community. It starts off as a simple show about a study group at a community college in Colorado, but it becomes much, much more. All six seasons are available to stream on Hulu, and you can bet that someday, even if it takes several more years, there will be a movie (watch the show to get this reference).

Black Mirror

OK, bear with us on this one. But there are actually quite a few similarities between this British anthology series and the (sort of) linear structure of the animated Rick and Morty. For one thing, the latter doesn’t really follow any kind of typical timeline, as is the nature of many shows or films involving time travel. And though many Black Mirror episodes feature callbacks to others, that’s about where their connections end.

What’s more, the focus of nearly every Black Mirror story is that the amount with which we rely on technology and our desire to evolve this tech is actually hurting us as people. This is something that is touched upon in Rick and Morty and will likely continue to come into play as the series continues. All 20 episodes (including the interactive Bandersnatch film) are available on Netflix, and three more episodes will arrive on the streaming service on June 5, 2019.

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