The Best Songs to Hit Billboard’s Top 10 in December (So Far)

With all the hits on the radio and the endless supply of new music coming out, we took the time to find the Billboard charts top 10 hits of December and put them together for you. Enjoy these top 10 tracks and their music videos, preferably with the volume on high!

10. Maroon 5 feat. SZA – ‘What Lovers Do’

This is a really nice track with some really great chill tropical vibes. It would make a great accompaniment to any holiday party you are having. Just probably not best to play on the dance floor. It’s much more of a lounging or chilling track. This track has been on the Billboard charts for 15 weeks now and peaked at No. 9.

Next: I guess we’ll call it hip-hop.

9. Cardi B – ‘Bodak Yellow [Money Moves]’

Cardi B coming in No. 9 with her track “Bodak Yellow [Money Moves].” This incredibly simple and formulaic hip-hop track has been on the Billboard charts now for 23 weeks and even peaked at No. 1. It also makes it startling obvious for this writer to realize that he is completely out of touch with what makes music popular. But hey, if you like the music and it makes you feel good, then more power to you.

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8. Halsey – ‘Bad At Love’

Halsey has been a breakout artist since she began her career. She follows the pop R&B and hip-hop lyrical flow and makes some pretty catchy songs to with that combination. Her newest single “Bad At Love” follows some classic pop tropes but is still fun to listen to and is pleasing to the ear. The song has been on Billboard’s charts for about 14 weeks and peaked at No. 8.

Next: It’s always a good sign for your career when you’re in a top 10 more than once.

7. G-Eazy feat. A$ap Rocky & Cardi B – ‘No Limit’

Cardi B made her way on to the list twice thus far, but only as a credit. Never the less, the kids are digging these tunes. “No Limit” has been on the Billboard charts now for 14 weeks now and peaked this week at No. 7!

Next: Probably one of the most talented vocalists out there.

6. Sam Smith – ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’

Sam Smith is the crooner of a new generation. With his soulful voice and heart wrenching lyrical structure, it’s no wonder that he has made it so high on the charts. He continues to be a mainstay in pop-culture and his newest track “Too Good At Goodbyes.” The track has been on the Billboard charts for 13 weeks now and peaked at No. 4.

Next: If you haven’t heard this track this year, you’ve been hiding under a rock.

5. Imagine Dragons – ‘Thunder’

The track has been out for just around 7 months and has been played constantly on the radio waves. Imagine Dragons have certainly figured out their formula for success and keep putting out successful and catchy tracks. The song “Thunder” has been on the Billboard charts for 32 weeks and peaked at No. 4 last week.

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4. Lil Pump – ‘Gucci Gang’

With lyrics like “Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang” it’s no wonder this track is still on the charts. It’s the easiest hook to remember in the world! I am sure they had a crack team of lyricists who put that together to bless our ears with. The track has been on the Billboard charts for 13 weeks now and peaked at No. 3.

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3. Camila Cabello fest Young Thug – ‘Havana’

The music starts in the video at about 2:32, but the beginning part is pretty entertaining if you like a little chuckle with your music. This is a great one to move your hips to, so grab your dance partner and get out on the dance floor. The song has been on the Billboard charts for 17 weeks and peaked at No. 2.

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2. Post Malone feat. 21 Savage – ‘Rockstar’

What a wonderful allegories on the trappings of being a rockstar coupled with the violent scenery of melee combat in the video to send the message home. The track first hand might seem like the artists are bragging about the things they’re doing but the tone suggests a sense of lamentation of their situation and a warning to others who want to come up in the game. The track has been on the Billboard charts for 12 weeks now and peaked at No. 1.

Next: No. 1! Because of course it is.

1. Ed Sheeran & Beyonce – ‘Perfect’

What happens when you put two of the most popular and talented artists in modern time together for a duet? You get a No. 1 hit. The talent of these two knows no bounds and the track is, for lack of a better word, perfect. “Perfect” has been on the charts for 15 weeks and peaked at No. 1.

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