Best Tasha St. Patrick Moments on the Starz Drama ‘Power’

Power fans have invested in the characters for the past six seasons. Now in its final season, fans are anxiously waiting to see how the series will end and ultimately start anew with a spin-off set to continue after the finale episode. 

Naturi Naughton
Naturi Naughton 2019 | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for ESSENCE Fashion House

Viewers have had mixed feelings about Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton), but she’s become a favorite over the past few seasons for her commitment to her children and determination to make it on her own, sans her cheating and lying husband, Ghost (Omari Hardrick).

Tasha has given us scene snatching moments since the beginning. While we wait to see how things will turn out for her, here’s a look back at some of her best moments on the show.

Tasha bans Ghost from their apartment 

Ghost began to get sloppy with his secret relationship with Angela and his lack of respect for Tasha was at an all-time high. He got so careless that he arranged for Angela (Lela Loren) to have a spa day…under his wife’s name. Tasha found out about Angela’s day of pampering after the spa called Tasha to confirm the appointment. After Ghost was denied entry into he and Tasha’s penthouse apartment, he called Tasha enraged. Tasha didn’t let Ghost’s tantrum get to her and stood firm on her decision, hanging up the phone to solidify that she meant serious business.

Tasha sets Angela straight

Angela continued to overstep her boundaries and Tasha finally decided to let her know her place. Season 3 further explored the love triangle between Ghost, Angela, and Tasha. Episode 7 showed Tasha reaching her breaking point. After showing up uninvited and unexpected to Tasha’s apartment, and grilling her on whether or not she was with her husband in an attempt to cover up for Ghost’s criminal activity, Tasha let her know nothing that goes on in the St. Patrick household is her business. Angela refused to listen until Tasha hit her where she knew it would hurt. Tasha thought of a fake alibi to protect Ghost from potential jail time, claiming that she and her husband were together, and intimate, the night in question. When Angela had the nerve to ask Tasha how she could take Ghost back after everything he’d done, including having an affair with her, Tasha shot back. “I am his wife and the mother of his children,” she snapped. “I never lost him…you were a midlife crisis, Angela. Crisis over!” Ouch!

Tasha explains a mother’s pain to Ghost

Fans grieved when Tasha and Ghost’s daughter, Raina (Donshea Hopkins), was killed in season 4. Despite their criminal history, both Tasha and Ghost always tried to protect their children from the harsh realities of the streets. Unfortunately, they found out the hard way that their flaws could cause karma to their innocent family. Their son was mixed up in the drug business by that point and their daughter died as a result of it all. Left to deal with the tragic loss alone while Ghost focused on getting revenge and drowning in his own sorrows, Tasha let her pain be heard in an emotional conversation between her and her estranged husband. Fans witnessed her pain in episode 4 unlike they’d ever before. “I carried that girl in my body,” she said through tears. “She was blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh.” It was one of the most gutwrenching scenes of the series.

Tasha lets Ghost know their marriage is over

Season 6 opened with a bang and Tasha came out swinging. After six years of dealing with Ghost’s affair and the neglect of his family, Tasha let him know that she was over his selfishness and their marriage. Always his go-to when he is in trouble and in need of his wife’s support, Ghost called on Tasha to help him out of yet another beef between him and Tommy (Joseph Sikora). “Not this time Ghost,” she told her husband. “You made this mess, you fix it.” Tasha was fed up. Having lost all men in her life due to Ghost’s jealousy, she left Ghost to fend for himself, refusing to be his scapegoat any longer. The final stamp on their toxic relationship was declaring that she was ready for a divorce.

It will be interesting to see Tasha’s fate at the end of this season!