These Are the Best Female Friendships On TV Right Now

Great TV comes and goes. When an incredible series goes off the air, it can be like losing a friend — especially when the characters have started to feel like real people in our lives. It can be hard to say goodbye to these people we’ve come to love.

Male friendships have been celebrated on TV for many years, but these days, it feels like women are getting even more time in the spotlight. Recently, we’ve lost some of the best female friendships on TV, like Abbi and Ilana in Broad City. But there is still plenty left on the small screen. Let’s take a look at some of them in honor of National Best Friends Day.

Jane and Petra in Jane the Virgin

Petra Solano and Jane Villaneuva start off the CW series Jane the Virgin as rivals — Petra sees her marriage with Rafael coming to an end, and his relationship with Jane is in the way. She gets pregnant, trying to keep him around — but things only get more complicated from there.

But over the years, things have changed between these two women. Now, they get together for weekly brunches with their kids and give each other relationship advice over cocktails. They consider each other sisters, and it’s one of the things we’ll miss most when the series comes to an end in just a few weeks.

Jen and Judy in Dead to Me

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Dead to Me is a new Netflix series that features a friendship unlike we’ve ever seen. Jen and Judy meet at a grief group, and soon find that they connect on many levels. Despite at least one major roadblock in the way, these opposites complement each other in ways they never imagined.

These California women are doing what they can to get by, and trying to help each other out when they can. Now that the series has been renewed for Season 2, we’re ready to see them tackle another serious problem the way only they can do — with lots of wine and very high stakes.

Jane, Kat, and Sutton in The Bold Type

The Freeform series The Bold Type is wrapping up its third season and has already been renewed for a fourth. It follows three young women working at a women’s publication, and the ups and downs of their lives in New York City.

Jane Sloan, Sutton Brady, and Kat Edison have lived fairly different lives up until this point, but they are dedicated best friends. They’re there for each other at every turn: Jobs lost and gained, relationships beginning and ending, and much more. They’re the girl gang everyone wishes they had.

Maya and Anna in Pen15

Anna and Maya in Pen15
Anna and Maya in Pen15 | Alex Lombardi/Hulu

In this Hulu original series, 30-something comedic actors, writers, and producers Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle portray 13-year-olds — and somehow, do this believably. They take us back to 2000 when they were in middle school, and we’re transported to a time when having your own landline and making mix CDs were the pinnacle of cool.

The fictional Maya and Anna face plenty of struggles throughout the season, ranging from divorce to getting your first period. They fight, but like true best friends, are always there for each other when it counts. Pen15 manages to be both hilarious and very poignant for those who also were coming-of-age during this time.

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