These Are The Best Valentine’s Day TV Episodes on Netflix

Whether you’re doing Valentine’s Day alone, with friends, or with a loved one, there’s no better place to spend it than on the couch. These Valentine’s Day TV episodes on Netflix are perfect for celebrating Feb. 14.

One Day at a Time Season 3 Episode 6 “One Valentine’s Day at a Time”

One Day at a Time
One Day at a Time | Netflix

The third season of this Netflix sitcom dropped in February, making it perfect for binge-watching on V-day. In the sixth episode, single mom Penelope just wants to have the day to herself (foreshadowing her lack of serious feelings for her new significant other, Mateo), but Los Angeles rain ruins the rest of her family’s plans. Elena and her partner, Syd, embrace the deliciousness that is Benihana, while Schneider and his new girlfriend come clean about their secrets.

Big Mouth “My Furry Valentine”

Big Mouth
Big Mouth | Netflix

This is actually a double episode of the raunchy animated comedy about preteens and puberty. The special, released by Netflix in between seasons just in time for the holiday, sees Andrew losing his cool over his relationship (or lack thereof) with Missy, Jessie embracing friendship in order to deal with her mom’s sex life, and Nick dealing with some uncomfortable changes in his body. There’s also pillow sex, When Harry Met Sally references, hormone monsters, and a very enthusiastic new candidate for president, but let’s not get into all that here.

Lovesick Season 2 Episode 6 “Emma”

Lovesick | Channel 4/Netflix

This underrated British series is all about love, as you can see from the title. Though the premise is based around a man who has to call all of his old partners because he had an STD, it evolves into a surprisingly sweet dramedy about three friends struggling with growing up and relationships. In this episode, straightforward Evie tries to show her fiance that she can be romantic, which only calls into question her true feelings for him. Meanwhile, both of her ex-roommates, Dylan and Luke, are assessing their own feelings for the women in their lives.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 11 “Chapter Thirty-Three”

Jane the Virgin
Jane the Virgin | The CW

Remember when the title of Jane the Virgin actually fit? Truthfully, it’s good that the show didn’t draw that out longer than it did, but it’s still nice to look back on the days when Jane was trying to figure out her stance on sex before marriage. She and Professor Chavez make a cute couple, but we all knew there was no way she would have sex for the first time with someone who wasn’t Michael or Rafael. This is also an important episode for Xo and Rogelio’s relationship, and it also offers some informative Petra flashbacks.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 15 “Crazy Cupid Love”

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl | The CW

It’s hard to celebrate something from the “Oh my god, remember when Blair was married?” era, but this episode has some interesting character arcs, most notably Queen B’s ill-fated attempt to get Dan and Serena back together (she was just a year too early) while she’s the one who’s actually in love with Dan. It also features the now 20-somethings reminiscing on their high school years, which is a bit of a wink to the audience longing for the early seasons.

Glee Season 2 Episode 12 “Silly Love Songs”

Glee | Fox

In the early days of Glee, the show really had its moments. Quinn and Finn start things up again, which is kind of weird but also makes sense in the moment. Blaine and Kurt confess their true feelings, which is pretty sweet. But mostly, this episode is great because of the musical numbers, and none more than Rachel’s redemption song, “Firework,” where she celebrates her singledom.

Parks and Recreation Season 4 Episode 14 “Operation Ann”

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation | NBC

This is the show that gave us Galentine’s Day, though this is only the second mention of the holiday created by Leslie Knope. The Feb. 13 celebration leads to a dance in which Ann is set up with numerous guys, only to end up with Tom. Though that’s definitely not the highlight of the episode — that would be the scavenger hunt Ron and Andy help Ben with, resulting in several moments that are sweeter than candy.

Arrested Development Season 1 Episode 12 “Marta Complex”

Arrested Development
Arrested Development | FOX/Netflix

Arrested Development Season 1 is solid from start to finish, with every episode containing several unforgettable in-jokes. There’s “Hermano,” aka Michael and GOB’s complete unfamiliarity with Spanish that nearly turns their love triangle into a love square. Plus, Lindsay and Tobias actually acknowledge their incompatibility, separating for the first (but not the last) time. But one of the best moments comes from Lucille practicing self-care because despite being the worst, she kind of deserved it this time.

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Episode 6 “You Also Have a Pizza”

Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black | Netflix

Considering it takes place in prison, Orange Is the New Black has some surprisingly romantic moments. And this episode is full of them, though not always in the ways you might expect. BFFs Maritza and Flaca try out romance, but ultimately decide to keep their love platonic (and pizza-oriented). Bennett and Daya are in love, though it won’t last long before everything goes wrong. And the Poussey-Tastee situation is sad, but also offers a look into Poussey’s back story, involving a heartbreaking coming out and further insight into what makes the show’s undeniably best character tick.

Friends “The One with Unagi” Season 6 Episode 17

Friends | NBC

No TV episode list is complete without at least one Friends mention. Yes, the series began to decline in the later years, but this Season 6 episode aired during the sweet spot that was the beginning of Monica and Chandler’s relationship, but before Joey fell for Rachel. In it, the aforementioned couple struggles to make their own last-minute gifts, while Phoebe and Rachel take a self-defense class. This results in the hilarious moment in which Rachel calls into question her ex’s term for total awareness, Unagi, saying “Ahhh, salmon skin roll.”

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