Bethenny Frankel from ‘RHONY’ Has Dating Advice That Is Everything

When it comes to trying your hand at online dating, the last thing you want is for your boss to get involved and try to help you pick your next date. That is usually the case unless of course, your boss is Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City.

Bethenny Frankel |Photo by Mike Coppola/WireImage

Frankel and her assistant were stuck on a flight. So she decided to help her assistant decide if she should wipe left or right on a dating app. Her assistant was a very good sport, posting to Frankel’s Instagram story. “I live for doing my assistants’ online dating …it’s a secret talent,” Frankel wrote.

As she digs through her willing assistant’s phone, Frankel offers tidbits of advice that not only her assistant can abide by, but helpful for just about anyone.

Image is everything

First, the worst picture is what they really look like, Frankel says swiping through her assistant’s app. “And…this is my job,” Frankel’s assistant says as Frankel gives one guy a heart.

When it comes to responding, be cute, Frankel says. “Don’t be average, be a little ballsy,” she adds. “Sometimes you don’t know what to say so how about ‘cheers to the freaking weekend.’ Nobody wants to hear how busy you are or how important you are.” She re-assures her assistant that she’s “great at this stuff.”

Also, if they punctuate religion in their profile, know that they are going to really be into it. “So if you are not into religion and that would bother you, not for you,” she says.

What about some possible deal breakers?

Being a dog lover (or not) can also make or break a relationship. Frankel observes that one guy wrote that dates must love dogs. “So they might sleep in bed with their dog,” she remarks. “Or they might have a 97-pound dog.”

She comes across “autumn man” in another photo. “If someone is wearing a vest, holding a pumpkin, then they are that guy that wears a vest and holds a pumpkin,” she observes.

Also, if a man posts a picture with his hands around another woman. “And it’s not his mother, they either want to do a three-way or they are an idiot because they are posting a picture of their hands around a woman,” she says. Another big no is the guy who posts a picture with his ex-wife and just blurs out her face. No, just no.

What about…

On the flip side, a guy who posts awkward photos may be a good sign. “It may mean he’s not a narcissist,” Frankel says. “He’s not obsessed with how to filter and take pictures of himself.”

She liked a guy hanging off a building. “This is who you should be sleeping with,” Frankel tells her assistant. He posted he went to Italy on a date got a response of, “I can do that too,” Frankel said. Then she wrote, “How about we go to Greece for our first date?”

So will Frankel’s assistant go on a date with building man who went to Italy on a date? Hopefully, Frankel will provide an update, especially if they do go to Greece.

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