Bethenny Frankel from ‘RHONY’ Shares This Amazing Hack to Reduce Acne Fast

One of the many reasons why Bethenny Frankel’s fans love her so much is because she is always keeping it real. The Real Housewives of New York City star recently shared images of an angry breakout she experienced on her Instagram story but also revealed how she combats it.

Bethenny Frankel |Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/WireImage

Frankel has been on the go nonstop. Which means she’s been covered in heavy makeup in order to be camera ready on the spot. And even though she likely has a smart skin care routine she adheres to daily, nonstop makeup, combined with travel wreaked havoc on the Skinnygirl mogul’s skin.

Because Frankel is so down to earth, she had no problem going on video sans makeup to show fans how she deals with breakouts. She admits this one was particularly bad, but she’s on the case.

She first visited an esthetician

Frankel is on vacation in South Florida and hit the spa to attend to her skin. She takes in a chamomile steam first. “Look how much better it’s getting,” Frankel says, showing her face to the camera. She also gives credit to the technician who is working on Frankel too. “I’m in the skin ER,” she jokes.

She adds that she was in makeup nonstop from interviews through when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live. “So I’m going to send Andy [Cohen] this bill,” she says. She also tags Cohen in her post. “Just send this bill to Andy Cohen, o.k.?” she says to the esthetician.

Then she does these compresses

The next morning, Frankel returned to her Instagram story. “Don’t hate me because I’m hideous,” she says. Still, without makeup, she shows the camera her face. She admits her skin is improving and offers her fans an amazing tip.

She pans the camera down toward a bowl holding chamomile soaking in water. “Put really serious chamomile in ice and then… I’ll show you in a second,” she says.

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The next frame has Frankel laughing. She has taken the cloth that was bathing in the chamomile and placed it over her face. “Can you imagine being in a relationship with me,” she says while her face is completely covered. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Paul Bernon must be standing off camera because she laughs and asks him what he thinks. “So anyway, chamomile is very cooling and the ice is also very healing. So it’s a cold chamomile compress.” She adds that applying the compress morning and night is helpful in calming an angry breakout.

Tea is an acne fighter

Both a compress and drinking tea may keep those inconvenient breakouts at bay. According to Banish blog, chamomile tea helps to reduce the severity of a breakout.

Also, “Chamomile compresses that are used on the skin was compared to have a comparable activity to 1% hydrocortisone ointment in reducing skin inflammation. It can also help protect the skin by reducing the damage done by free radicals and also acne-causing bacteria.”

The blog also suggests rubbing powdered chamomile tea leaves to reduce acne scars. Plus, for a quick way to reduce redness, apply chilled chamomile tea bags directly to the breakout.

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