Bethenny Frankel is Keeping Her Followers Posted on Twitter with Her Summer Challenge

Bethenny Frankel, reality star on Real Housewives of New York and founder of the mega brand Skinnygirl, recently issued a challenge to her Twitter followers encouraging an uptick in exercise and healthier nutrition. Using the hashtags #IMIN and #summerreboot, Frankel asked fans to join her in the wellness journey.

“Real Housewives of New York’s” Bethenny Frankel | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Ok…so from now until Sept 15, we all… make a significant fitness change. Let’s aim for 4 days a week/ 45 mins-do something! For the food part, read “Naturally Thin.” Believe me, that part is easy. But I’ll give you tips every day. For today, let’s commit to the fitness. U in?” she tweeted on June 26. Since then, she’s been interacting with her followers on diet tips and exercise suggestions, while holding herself accountable to the challenge.

A pledge to exercise

Frankel made sure to let her followers know she started off on the right foot, tweeting “Yay. Day 1 went well. I just woke up & decided to rinse the past year off me and regroup. #summerreboot.”

Some fans who took up the challenge went to Frankel about their struggles. “I exercise almost every day but no body changes. Nutrition is horrible. Need a springboard/challenge. I work too hard to see no changes. FRUSTRATED,” one user posted.

Frankel empathized and gave some helpful advice. “Ok so switch it up. Today I did a Long Beach walk & ocean plunge. Tomorrow I’m taking an intense class. My body looks like Magda in ‘something about Mary,’” she tweeted back.

Bringing back the book

Frankel’s book “Naturally Thin” was published in 2009 and centered on the foundation of getting people to change their eating habits to actually think like a thin person. She encouraged readers to stop dieting and instead to think of food in a different way. Over the past week, Frankel and her followers renewed their use of the concepts from “Naturally Thin” to help them stay on track.

Frankel began giving tips and motivation on the nutrition part of the challenge, recalling basics from her book. “In ‘naturally thin,’ I refer to good & bad investment foods bc eating is like spending. Indulge but hold back after a splurge & you can have more of healthy food & less of unhealthy. You’re not good if you didn’t eat nor bad if you did. Food isn’t a friend or enemy. DON’T BINGE,” she tweeted.

Fans began asking where they can get her book since it’s 10 years old. She responded on Twitter with tangible advice, posting, “I assume it’s on amazon. But I’ll help you here…just start by 4 days exercise for 45 mins min. & only eating REAL FOOD w ingredients you understand. And keep a water cup w ice w you all day. I cannot STAND warm bottled water.”

Frankel also again stressed on Twitter the importance of filling up on healthy foods. “Don’t count or measure. Eat the veggies first to fill you up on good investments. Choose a bowl that makes sense. Eat out of that & always leave a little…”

The reality star also made a point to tell her followers to avoid self-punishing talk. “One ‘naturally thin concept’ is ‘the point of diminishing return’ when you beat yourself up for indulging. It’s the point where you’re unconsciously eating bc you feel like you ‘ruined’ it. Stop eating then. No one ever gained weight from a little of anything. Shift gears,” she wrote.

Her tweets inspired those on the health journey with her. One follower posted, “This was EXACTLY what I needed … I got my 45+ workout in today, journaled my food, kept it legit and monitored. It doesn’t have to be crazy and a fad, just needs to be real. Thanks for the motivation!”

Enjoy the food you choose

Eating healthy 24/7 can be a daunting proposition. Some fans asked Bethenny for guidance on still getting to have their go-to foods. One user asked, “@Bethenny It’s so hard to balance food out I started to have kale everyday then fell off I love chips GF all chips became GF… are you into chips?”

Frankel’s response? “Eating chips right now….literally but healthy ones.” She also posted another reminder, “No DIEt ing. The word DIE is in it. Just be balanced and healthy.”

After taking a break from Twitter for a few days, she got back to posting for her #imin followers on July 1 with, “Btw I haven’t abandoned OUR #summerreboot #campaignforexcellence I’ve exercised doing something I love every day. In LA, it’s been walking on the beach & I’ve been eating REAL foods. You? #imin

Frankel is apparently determined to keep the challenge until her target date of September 15, and her diehard followers seem to be right in step with her.