Bethenny Frankel Rallies Followers to Help Bring Disaster Relief to Hurricane Dorian Victims

Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel is receiving more media attention than usual these days. With her recent announcement of her departure from Real Housewives of New York, and tweeting last month of her efforts to send aid to the victims of the Amazon rainforest fires, Frankel is burning up social media and remains a steady presence in the headlines.

Now the reality star is on a new mission and asking her followers to join in her crusade.

Bethenny Frankel | Gary Miller/Getty Images


Frankel is utilizing her bstrong platform, a disaster relief initiative that she launched in 2017, to corral the manpower and supplies necessary to make a positive impact in the areas most affected by Hurricane Dorian.

According to the bstrong website, their program is “a disaster relief initiative that provides real time emergency assistance to individuals and their families in crisis. Our mission is to empower people struck with tragedy by providing gift cards, emergency aid, food and shelter to disaster victims.”

Joining her team members from bstrong, Frankel recently headed to Florida and the Bahamas to bring aid to those most impacted by Hurricane Dorian. As with her efforts to help the those affected by the Amazon rainforest disaster, Frankel has been chronicling her relief efforts on Instagram Stories and Twitter.

Rallying followers on social media

Frankel’s posts update followers on her status of the mission. On her Instagram post on September 3, she wrote, “Gearing up for our first #BStrong missions to provide aide in response to #HurricaneDorian. We will be providing crucial supplies, immediate medical support, and helping to evacuate those who weren’t able to leave their homes before the storm. #thisisacrisis The damage is incomprehensible, and thanks to you, our warehouse is filling up and we are working to send 2k lbs of relief to Sandy Point in South Abacos, Florida tomorrow.”

Once she landed in the ravaged area, the Skinnygirl founder posted images of the destruction Hurricane Dorian is leaving in its wake, and assured contributors that their donations were going straight to the cause. “Please donate. This is not the boy (or skinnygirl) who cried wolf, this is a wolf. This damage is worse than what I witnessed in Puerto Rico from #HurricaneMaria,” Frankel wrote. “I am here to come and help get these efforts rolling, and am thankful that we will be on the ground to continue this important work. We couldn’t do this without your generous donations, so THANK YOU for your help! 💯 goes to the relief effort. No administrative costs. No salaries. I pay!”

In one post, she showed the Miami warehouse where supplies are being stored, and introduced volunteers working toward the relief effort. “I’m at our warehouse now…but this is where we receive relief from all over the country and distribute it in the Bahamas,” Frankel said. “So first aid, medical, feminine hygiene, diapers, generators, you name it, water.”

Posting updates and fielding requests

Using the hashtag #THISISACRISIS, Frankel posted details of her team’s status on the mission, writing on September 4, “these photos were taken earlier today from our first plane mission to Abacos. Thank you all for your generous donations of funds and relief. This is a massive undertaking and we are in the air, on the ground, and planning our barges to help those in need during this devastation. Thanks to you we have raised 500K + and counting and EVERY PENNY 💯 goes to the relief effort,” Frankel explained. “Our second plane, loaded with former Navy Seals, is preparing to go to Treasure Cay, one of the hardest hit areas. We are bringing generators and aid for the current critical needs at this juncture. We are addressing medical needs, basic life preservation, and search and rescue all from our relief warehouse on the ground. THANK YOU for your support – please continue to donate at the link in my bio to help these efforts alleviate the immense suffering caused by #HurricaneDorian.”

She encouraged her followers to stay tuned. “Watch my story for minute to minute details!” Frankel wrote.

Frankel is also receiving requests to help find loved ones in the affected areas. “Ok so now we are into this phase. People are giving me their coordinates to get people out & people w medical issues to get out,” she tweeted on September 4. “We are funneling this info properly & planning for missions for this purpose in addition to aid & barges etc. Only emergencies please.”

Fans and followers of Frankel are bowled over by the reality star’s action and generosity, writing posts such as “Bethenny walks the walk. In awe 👏🏻👏🏻💯💯,” and “you are such an inspiration. Thank you for taking action Bethenny.”

Frankel is sure to continue posting her status on the relief effort. Donate to bstrong and their relief efforts HERE.