Is Bethenny Frankel Returning to ‘RHONY’ After Quitting?

Bethenny Frankel shocked viewers when she announced she was quitting The Real Housewives of New York City. The Bravo star left as production for Season 12 was getting ready to start. After Andy Cohen left the door open for her return, fans have wondered if the entrepreneur would ever come back.

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Why did Bethenny Frankel quit ‘RHONY’?

Frankel was an OG of RHONY since the show premiered back in 2008. The business mogul left the series after three seasons only to return for Season 7 in 2015. In her second time around quitting, she released a statement where she announced her departure.

“I have decided to leave the ‘Housewives’ franchise to explore my next chapter,” Frankel said in a statement via Variety. “It’s time to move on and focus on my daughter, my philanthropy and my production partnership with Mark Burnett, producing and starring in shows which represent a shift in the conversation for women. With the changes in modern culture, I want to highlight the strength, confidence and unstoppable power that women have.”

With a focus to producing her own content under her deal, Frankel would be calling the shots on how she wants to portray herself on television. Nonetheless, she was grateful for her time on the cable network that made her a household name.

“My experience at Bravo has been an incredibly magical ride. I am so grateful to them for highlighting my entrepreneurialism and allowing me to pave the way for many women to achieve their goals. I am excited for my future. The best is yet to come,” she ended her statement.

Andy Cohen leaves the door open

The Skinnygirl founder left a lot of fans upset that she wouldn’t be featured on RHONY anymore. Cohen, a producer on The Real Housewives, talked about Frankel’s exit and was hopeful she would return in the future.

“She already left is what we need to remember,” Cohen said on his SiriusXM radio show. “So, we were so lucky to have these last seasons with her on it. I just am living in the gratitude of her second return, and I will hopefully live in the gratitude of her third return. Because we are much like the mob, you can’t get out. And I, I do hope and think that she will come back sometime.”

“She’s so still a part of everything that’s going on, that you almost could see her dropping in and it’s like, ‘Oh my god! OK. Here’s Bethenny, Bethenny’s at a party,’” Cohen added. “Or, Bethenny’s on this trip. You know, you never know. So, I look forward to her in any capacity on the show.”

Would Bethenny Frankel consider a comeback?

Frankel hit the purple carpet at the Primetime Emmys this past weekend in Los Angeles. The former RHONY star was asked about Cohen’s remarks and if she would consider a comeback.

“You know, I love Andy,” Frankel told Entertainment Tonight. “I love Bravo. They took out an ad yesterday to congratulate me on everything BStrong is doing, so it’s great to have good relationships and I will always be a member of the Bravo family.”

The former talk show host is hopeful for the future in this next phase of her entertainment career, she also expressed some kind words to her ex co-stars.

“I have had such a great experience, Bravo has been such an amazing partner, and I’m always rooting for the women, and what a great journey I’ve had,” Frankel said. “So, this is the next chapter. The Emmys is a wonderful place to start the next chapter!”

Frankel is already working on her next television project, but it’s unclear if she will be starring in it.