Bethenny Frankel Talks About Not Wanting to Live in Conflict After Leaving ‘RHONY’

Many Real Housewives of New York fans were heartbroken to find out Bethenny Frankel won’t be returning to the show. However, there is some hope she’ll eventually return since this isn’t her first time quitting the show.

She recently talked about life after leaving. Find out what she said about not wanting to live in conflict and more.

Bethenny Frankel quit ‘Real Housewives of New York’

Alexis Christoforous (L) and TV personality Bethenny Frankel
Alexis Christoforous (L) and TV personality Bethenny Frankel | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Frankel made her second exit from the reality show. She gave her other business ventures as the reason why in her statement.

“I have decided to leave the Housewives franchise to explore my next chapter. It’s time to move on and focus on my daughter, my philanthropy and my production partnership with Mark Burnett, producing and starring in shows which represent a shift in the conversation for women,” Frankel said in a statement to People.

“With the changes in modern culture, I want to highlight the strength, confidence and unstoppable power that women have. My experience at Bravo has been an incredibly magical ride,” she said. “I am so grateful to them for highlighting my entrepreneurialism and allowing me to pave the way for many women to achieve their goals. I am excited for my future. The best is yet to come.”

Frankel has talked about working on new shows

It may take some time to see any of Frankel’s new shows. However, she has talked about what her TV projects with Burnett will include.

“Most of the shows are around women, business — some are around food,” she told People. “But mostly entrepreneurs and women. But not in a touchy-feely way but in sort of a hardcore way, if that makes any sense.”

She also gave an update to Entertainment Tonight about this process. “We’re in like, legal paper stage for two shows — one that I would be in, that would focus on me and a lot of the business aspects of myself and the next stage of my life,” Frankel said. “And the other one, I’m not in. I’m just producing it. But both of them were my ideas. They’re my execution, so it’s amazing to be able to take the next step in television.”

She said she doesn’t want to live in conflict

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The reality star talked about what life is like after quitting the show again. She gave a reason why she left to E! News.

“It’s not that I mind it being out there, it’s just that I don’t want to live in conflict where it’s really not necessary,” Frankel said. “And it’s a really delicate balance. I’m so grateful for the show and where I came from, it was definitely a different experience from when I started the show.”

She continued, “It’s a whole different juggernaut, a franchise now. I just think it was time. I’m a person who always knows when it’s time to leave the party and I think it was time for me.”

The former reality star also talked about her schedule. “I thought I would be honestly less busy,” the entrepreneur said. “I thought I’d sort of just be home in my world, relaxing, making vegan recipes maybe. But it’s not really like that, but it’s definitely a different phase. It’s like when your hair’s growing out, that in-between stage. But I’m excited for the new projects.”

Fans will have to wait and see if Frankel will return to their screens. It sounds like she’s very focused on producing.