Bethenny Frankel’s Most Controversial Moments, Revealed

Whether you’re a Real Housewives of New York City fan or not, you’re surely familiar with Bethenny Frankel. Bravo TV calls her a “businesswoman ahead of the curve,” and with her various ventures that include Skinnygirl Cocktails and selling her healthy baked goods, we can’t necessarily disagree. It seems Frankel really knows her way around making money and marketing herself all the way to the top. She’s even been named as one of Forbes’ Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities in the past.

It hasn’t always been easy for Frankel, however. Despite her successful businesses, bestselling books, and her crisis intervention initiative that has helped many women, she still has plenty of embarrassing moments fans can’t forget. Here are the times she seriously stirred the pot.

Frankel wore her 4-year-old daughter’s pajamas and posted a photo on Instagram

Bethenny Frankel wearing her daughter's clothes

Bethenny Frankel wearing her daughter’s clothes | Bethenny Frankel via Instagram

Here’s one photo Frankel will never live down. Entertainment Tonight reminds us of the time she posted a photo of herself wearing her daughter’s pajamas on Instagram, which showed off her tiny frame. “This is my daughter’s nightgown and Pj shorts,” the post reads. “Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?”

The photo was met with serious backlash and garnered over 500 comments. Many thought she was sending a bad message to her daughter by showing off her thinness. As one message read, “I would just caution doing this as she gets more impressionable. She needs to develop a healthy self-image because she may not have all of your genes…and it won’t be obvious to you, but it will look as though you are competing with her.”

She allegedly said some seriously offensive things about women in business

In 2016, People reported that Frankel may have made some unsavory comments at a women’s entrepreneurial summit, particularly when it came to other women in business.

Mary Pryor, one of the entrepreneurs who attended the event, said, “I was stunned when Frankel implied that women should have sex with men in exchange for capital.” Pryor also went on to say that she “was offended” when Frankel said she’s similar to black women because she’s “loud,” and she also was “taken aback” when Frankel allegedly advised the women to get white men to be the face of their companies. And Pryor mentions many others were shocked by Frankel’s behavior at the event, too.

She sent out this racist tweet

Bethenny Frankel's racist tweet

Bethenny Frankel’s racist tweet | Bethenny Frankel via Twitter

It seems the summit wasn’t the only time Frankel was called out for potential racism. In Touch Weekly reports in early 2016, Frankel tweeted a complaint about Kmart workers who don’t speak any English. She tweeted, “Wow Kmart has 2 registers open w 5 other employees standing around & two speak no English whatsoever. Shoes are sapatos right?” She also followed this tweet with another saying she wasn’t even going to attempt to figure out what “kids’ snow boots” was in Spanish.

Her followers were unimpressed by these racist remarks, and she received a ton of backlash. As one Twitter user said, “wow bethenny never took you as a racist, guess you are voting Trump.”

She also posted a racist Cinco de Mayo photo on Instagram

Frankel was happily celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year when fans noted the tasteless photo she chose to add to her Instagram. Access explains the photo showed her wearing a sombrero, fake mustache, margarita sunglasses, and a chili pepper necklace while holding mini maracas. The photo was captioned, “Happy #cincodemayo from me and @biggysmallz! ¡Olè!”

As one fan commented, “I love you but this is offensive. Take it down.” She has since removed the photo from social media, which is for the best. However, it doesn’t change the fact that she thought it was OK to post it in the first place.

Frankel posted a video of her dog having a seizure

Bethenny Frankel in a black and white dress

Bethenny Frankel in a black and white dress | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

There was no malintent here, but still — fans were shocked when Frankel started posting videos of her dog, Cookie, having a seizure. Perez Hilton reports Frankel noticed Cookie was seizing consistently for several minutes, and she took to social media to ask her followers for help. She noted that the nearest vet was 45 minutes away, and that’s why she chose to reach out for help this way. But it left many others confused as to why she wasn’t calling the emergency vet instead of live tweeting the occurrence.

“What do I do when dog seizure???” Frankel tweeted. About an hour later, she tweeted again, “My peanut & I experienced a 45 min dog seizure & have obvious decisions to make & ‘in case’ goodbyes to say. @cookiedabooboo is still alive.” The next day, she followed it all up with, “We did 3 mins into foaming/seizure. Holding 30lb convulsing dog w 7 yr old&driving w bone in dying dog’s mouth is rough #dontjudge.” Talk about bizarre.

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