‘Better Call Saul’: Kim Wexler Has No Idea How Far Gone Jimmy Is Now, But She Will Soon as Saul Goodman Emerges

Fans have spent five incredible seasons watching Jimmy McGill transform into Saul Goodman. Anyone who watched the original series upon which the events of Better Call Saul are based already knows how the situation ends — eventually, Jimmy will ditch any semblance of ethics to become a fully criminal, criminal lawyer. But those people from Jimmy’s past don’t know where he’s going yet. Especially Kim Wexler.

Kim loves Jimmy and tries fervently to keep him in check. However, she doesn’t realize that the young, idealistic man she met in the mailroom of HHM is a far cry from the cynical, bitter person who will eventually become the Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. She still thinks she can save Jimmy. Only we know it’s too late for that.

Kim Wexler
Kim Wexler | Warrick Page/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Kim Wexler tries to see the good in everyone

From her ethically questionable boyfriend Jimmy to the pro bono clients she tries to help, it’s clear that Kim believes every person has some good in them. She tries to do the right thing in all situations but isn’t above playing a little con here and there if the ends justify the means. And even though Kim tries to obey the rules as much as possible, she begrudgingly admits that Jimmy’s cons are often necessary to achieve true justice.

There are plenty of fans who wonder how Kim, a moral do-gooder, can stay with Jimmy. But not only is he a brilliant salesman with justifications for all his actions, but also she is someone who believes people can be redeemed. Even Slippin’ Jimmy.

Kim Wexler is not a fan of Saul Goodman

It’s interesting to see how Kim refers to Saul Goodman as though he’s a third person and not the real Jimmy. When Jimmy tells Kim that Saul just had his most lucrative 24 hours in Episode 3, Kim responds with a deliberately icy, “Good for Saul.”

So far this season, Kim has not felt good about Jimmy’s transformation into Saul and wishes he would return to the law career he was building before his suspension. Proof of that comes when Kim buys Jimmy a monogrammed briefcase, a major symbolic move meant to express her wish to keep Jimmy present the way she’s always known him. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible soon.

Jimmy McGill will be completely gone soon

By the time Better Call Saul catches up with the Breaking Bad timeline, Jimmy McGill will be a distant memory — and so will Kim Wexler. But ultimately, Jimmy embracing the persona of Saul will be one factor in his ruined relationship with Kim, regardless of how it happens. She might be trying to save him now. But Kim has no idea that Jimmy has become involved in the cartel and won’t be able to escape.

There is no single moment that sealed Jimmy’s fate to become Saul Goodman. However, Lalo recruiting him as a lawyer is a major milestone since we already know once he’s in, he can’t just quit. It won’t be long before Kim’s beloved Jimmy becomes Saul. There’s nothing she can do to save him now.