‘Better Call Saul’: Rhea Seehorn Reacts to Kim’s Surprising Proposal

Better Call Saul fans have been worrying about the fate of Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) ever since the show began. Kim is not a character on Breaking Bad. So fans worry she might die before the prequel series concludes. In the episode “Wexler v. Goodman,” fans got a hint that Kim and Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) might just break up, until her final line of the episode.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Better Call Saul]

Better Call Saul: Kim and Jimmy
L-R: Rhea Seehorn, Dennis Boutsikaris, Bob Odenkirk | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Seehorn appeared on the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast released March 24, 2020, the day after “Wexler v. Goodman” aired. She described her reaction to the climactic scene. Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Rhea Seehorn says there’s more meaning behind the dialogue in ‘Better Call Saul’

Kim thought she was running a scam on her client Mesa Verde with Jimmy. However, he came into a settlement meeting in full Saul Goodman mode, demanding millions of dollars and threatening to run defamatory ads that would do sufficient damage before Mesa Verde could have them pulled. Kim rightfully called him out on it, but in the heat of the moment, suggested they get married. 

Rhea Seehorn
Rhea Seehorn | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

“I feel like we were doing the rehearsals and everybody realized that this was a scene that there’s a lot of stuff being played off the lines, between the lines and on the lines,” Seehorn said. “By that I mean, is your reaction and your intention matching your dialogue? Or, different than your dialogue. Not sarcasm as much as subtext.”

Rhea Seehorn says Kim was trying everything to hold it together

Seehorn said that most of the scene was Kim trying to contain the conflict. She would have just avoided Jimmy, but he was right there when she got home pushing her buttons. Does that explain her final proposal?

“And then also things between the lines, because Jimmy is not sure if Kim is mad for a moment. Then trying to navigate once he realizes she’s mad. Kim is navigating for me I felt very much like the best possible thing she could do from the second she comes home and sees him playing guitar – are you f*cking kidding me? – is go to bed or I might kill you. I will leave you right now if I have to see your face or talk to you. So she’s trying to keep this lid on this pot that the flame is all the way up.”

Rhea Seehorn, Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, 3/24/2020

The scene built up to Rhea Seehorn’s final line

The scene doesn’t begin with an ultimatum, let alone a marriage proposal. Seehorn said she and Odenkirk worked on the layers that built up to that moment.

“It was incremental movements,” Seehorn said. “Bob and I both enjoyed very much doing all the homework you could possibly do and then getting there and being open to well, what if your scene partner decides to do a line that in your head they were going to do sincerely, and they do it with a smirk on their face? It’s like are you kidding me? It affects how you come back, it affects when that argument actually starts, it affects when we decide to be honest.”

Rhea Seehorn | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

The scene always ended with the marriage proposal, but how Seehorn played it was up to her.

“Then he would do an emotional turn or I would and it stops the other character cold because maybe you were going to say something very snippy or heated, but now they look vulnerable and you need to alter your reaction to that,” Seehorn said. “We kept doing that and that scene easily 25 to 30 of those moments.”