‘Better Call Saul’: There’s Finally a Release Date for Season 6

Better Call Saul is undoubtedly one of TV’s best shows to date. Starring Bob Odenkirk, the Breaking Bad prequel flashes back to the earlier years of Jimmy McGill, a do-good lawyer who eventually devolves into the seedy “criminal” attorney we met in the original series. 

Since its 2015 debut, the show has been a huge hit, earning rave reviews and a variety of awards. It’s even believed that it could surpass the original series in terms of quality when the show ends. But the thing is, no one really knows when that’s supposed to happen.

Usually, Better Call Saul releases a new season every year, but because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the sixth season — which is the last — has faced delays. These pushbacks left the premiere date up in the air. However, we just got word on the Better Call Saul Season 6 release date.

Bob Odenkirk at an event
Bob Odenkirk at an event for ‘Better Call Saul’ in February 2020 in Hollywood, California | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The Season 6 release date

According to The Wrap, the show will begin to film in New Mexico in March and will presumably wrap later in 2021. If all goes according to plan, Better Call Saul Season 6 will premiere in early 2022.

“We still have some shifting around due to COVID-related production delays for our shows, as we mentioned in our prepared remarks,” AMC Networks chief Josh Sapan said on a conference call to discuss the network’s late 2020 earnings. 

But “for ‘Better Call Saul,’ it does look likely, at this point, that ‘Better Call Saul’ will move into the first quarter of 2022,” Sapan added. “That’s the way we’re seeing it right now. And other shows, we’re on a production timing schedule. We’ll have a clearer view, I think, next quarter.”

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What’s the plot of the sixth season of ‘Better Call Saul’?

Season 6 has lots of questions to answer, including how Lalo Salamanca will react to the attempt on his life and whether Kim Wexler will actually go through with her plot against Howard Hamlin. 

Without saying too much about what’s coming, co-creator Peter Gould told Deadline that there’s “a lot of sadness to where this is going.”

He also teased to The Hollywood Reporter that the final season will make viewers see Breaking Bad differently. “I think by the time you finish watching Better Call Saul, you’re going to see Breaking Bad in a very different light,” Gould shared.

“I think we’re going to learn things about the characters in Breaking Bad that we didn’t know,” he continued. “We’re going to learn things about the events of Breaking Bad that we didn’t know. And we’re going to learn things about the fates of a lot of these characters that may surprise people or certainly throw them into a different light. I think we started this 2007, so that’s 13 years of work that’s distilled, that all has to fit together. Hopefully like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.”

It sounds intense but amazing. We can’t wait to see what happens from here.