‘Better Call Saul’: Will Kim’s Diss Against the Salamanca’s Operation Result In Her Death?

Breaking Bad fans can’t resist the prequel series Better Call Saulespecially as the story draws closer to when Saul Goodman met Walter White. “Bad Choice Road” is now the top-rated episode in the Better Call Saul series, just above Season 5, Episode 8, “Bagman.” Sure, that has a lot to do with Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan’s incredible storytelling ability, but it also has to do with Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Wexler. 

In the past, Kim served as Jimmy McGill’s moral compass. In “Bad Choice Road,” Kim demonstrated how her moral outlook has changed and, more importantly, that she’s in the game. How will that impact her fate by the time Better Call Saul‘s timeline reaches Breaking Bad?

Kim Wexler disses Lalo 'Better Call Saul'
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‘Bad Choice Road’ shows another side of Kim

After trekking through the desert with millions of dollars in bail money, Jimmy reached a location with cell service and called Kim to let her know he was still alive. Later, when Kim asked Jimmy if his journey was worth it, he told her to look at the $100,000 the job net him. In doing so, she found the “World’s Best Lawyer” mug with a bullet hole in it. 

Despite giving Jimmy the opportunity to come clean about what happened in the desert, Jimmy withheld the truth about the shootout from Kim. Though she knows his story is a lie, she allowed it — even when Lalo came knocking to find out what happened. Kim supported Jimmy’s half-truth, telling Lalo, “he doesn’t lie to me and he doesn’t lie to his clients.” 

Kim has never needed saving

It was stressful enough for Better Call Saul fans to witness Kim visiting Lalo in jail trying to find out where Jimmy was. Lalo’s surprise visit to Jimmy and Kim’s home introduced a whole new level of stress to viewers. After Lalo continuously asked Jimmy to repeat his story of what happened in the desert, the worry etched on Kim’s face became clear.

In earlier seasons of Better Call Saul, Kim’s mantra became “You don’t save me. I save me.” That mantra came to life in “Bad Choice Road” when Kim confronted Lalo directly. After watching Jimmy struggle with the PTSD of his desert experience, knowing that he was not willing to talk about it with her, and that Lalo was to blame, Kim exploded.

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He paid a lot of money for that story…

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“Seven million dollars of your money. He hauled it across a goddamn desert without one penny missing and he got you out of jail for a murder that, let’s face it, you’re definitely guilty of,” Kim said to Lalo. “He did everything you asked and went way beyond what any other lawyer would ever do, so what exactly is it that you’re getting at? What do you want?” she added with the understanding that the version of Jimmy sitting before Lalo was unable to defend himself. 

When Lalo revealed that he saw bullet holes in Jimmy’s car, Kim embodied the role of Saul Goodman and interrupted: “Bullet holes? That’s what you’re on about?” Then, in an expertly conniving manner, Kim Wexler weaves a story about bored Albuquerque kids will shoot at anything they stumble across in the desert to entertain themselves. Watching Kim work, Jimmy was speechless, possibly because of the way Kim addressed Lalo or because he recognized that Kim was entering “the game” as a better player.

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What’s Saul Goodman without Kim Wexler?

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Kim continued to throw insults Lalo’s way: “What kind of operation are you running here, anyway? Next time you have a bunch of money and no one you can trust, leave him out of it. Get your s*it together.” Seeming to accept Kim’s narrative, Lalo left, presumably to go back to Mexico as he originally planned.

Will Lalo be the end of Kim? 

With one more episode remaining in this season of Better Call Saul and a final season of the series confirmed, fans know that the timeline is creeping up on Breaking Bad. In “Bad Choice Road,” Lalo mentioned Tuco’s release from prison in “11 months.” Knowing that Kim nor Lalo are involved in the Breaking Bad story, fans are wondering how each character will be removed from the narrative. 

After speaking to Lalo the way she did, it seems entirely possible that Kim could end up dead as a message from the cartel to make it clear to Jimmy what being a “friend” truly means. On the other hand, Kim could choose to leave Jimmy behind, knowing that he can’t remove himself from the temptation of earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, no matter what the risk. 

The season finale of Better Call Saul airs Monday night on AMC. 

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