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As Halloween gets closer and closer, some celebrities get in the spooky spirit, dressing in their ghoulish best and posting on social media. In years past, some celebrities went all out, dressing as iconic movie and television characters for Halloween. From Beyoncé as Flo Jo to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, here are some of our favorite Halloween costumes done by celebrities.

In 2018, Beyoncé and Jay-Z went as Flo Jo (AKA Florence Griffith Joyner) and Tommie Smith

Beyoncé may be the queen of the music industry, but in 2018, she became the queen of the Olympics. The artist and Jay-Z dressed as two renowned athletes, Flo Jo, also known as Florence Griffith Joyner, and Tommie Smith. In the past, the two dressed as famous characters in film and even artists.

In 2014, the couple (and Blue Ivy) dressed as characters from the Eddie Murphy comedy, Coming To America. That same year, Beyoncé dressed as the Mexican artist and activist, Frida Kahlo. In 2016, Beyoncé and Jay-Z dressed as vintage Barbie and Ken dolls, complete with Blue Ivy in a bright pink skirt.

Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton, Mark Birnbaum, Christine Teigen, Nicole Trunfio and Jaslene Gonzalez Halloween
Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton, Mark Birnbaum, Christine Teigen, Nicole Trunfio and Jaslene Gonzalez Halloween | Photo by Jerritt Clark/WireImage

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend dressed as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

They’re already one of America’s favorite celebrity couples. It was only fitting that last year, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend took it up a notch, dressing as British royalty, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. In the past, these two enjoyed dressing their kids in the most adorable costumes they could find. In 2016, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend dressed their daughter, Luna, as a hotdog. In a video for Twitter a few years later, Chrissy Teigen shared their son, Miles, dressed in the same costume.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas dressed as Morticia and Gomez Addams

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are truly an iconic couple. From the “Sucker” music video to Sophie Turner dancing at a Jonas Brothers concert to their Halloween costumes, this duo never seems to disappoint. Last year, the couple went as Morticia and Gomez Addams, two characters from The Addams Family movie and television series.

An animated version of The Addams Family now playing in theaters worldwide. Unfortunately, this new film does not feature Joe Jonas or Sophie Turner as voice actors.

Millie Bobby Brown dressed as Princess Leia, taking a picture with the cast of ‘Stranger Things’

The force is strong with this cast. Last year, some of the Stranger Things kids dressed as Star Wars characters. That includes Millie Bobby Brown who dressed as Princess Leia, Sadie Sink who dressed as Rey, and Gaten Matarazzo dressed as Han Solo.

Noah Schnapp dressed in his Stranger Things best, as the character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. Some fans are excited to see what these kids will come up with next, being that they have a few months before the next season of their Netflix series premieres.

Honorable mentions for celebrity Halloween costumes include Neil Patrick Harris and his family as the cast of Star Wars and Rihanna and her friends as the cast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.