Beyoncé: Every Rumor About the Twins’ Birth

Beyoncé and Jay Z took the world by surprise when the pop star announced she was pregnant with twins on Instagram. This is partly because there wasn’t even a hint that she could be pregnant beforehand. The couple is really good at keeping their secrets.

So what exactly is going on? Here are seven things we have learned looking at the rumors and reports surrounding Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins.

1. The twins were reportedly born on June 12

This is a screen shot of Mathwe Knowles posting a "Happy Birthday" card on Instagram.

Mathew Knowles | Matthew Knowles via Instagram

Rumors of the birth slowly came out, and it was hard for many to try and nail down a specific date of when it happened. The first real confirmation of the birth was from Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, who posted a “Happy Birthday” post to his new grandkids on Instagram.

He posted the sweet message on June 18, but some reports are claiming that June 12 was their actual birthday.

2. She gave birth to a girl and a boy

Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter, and Beyonce Knowles sit court-side at an NBA basketball game

Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter, and Beyoncé Knowles | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The date of birth isn’t the only thing that rumors are focused on. There was also the question of the sex of the babies. However, we now know that Beyoncé had a girl and a boy, according to Us Weekly. They claim multiple sources confirmed this along with her giving birth on June 12.

3. A picture of an unidentified woman is what fueled rumors of the babies’ gender

Beyonce is pregnant and wearing a red dress next to Jay Z in a tux.

Beyoncé and Jay Z | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

A picture of a woman holding a bouquet and a blue and a pink balloon outside of a Los Angeles hospital made waves. That’s because Beyoncé and Jay Z were spotted at that same hospital just a day before. She also had a card that read “B + J,” according to E! News. This is what led many to believe that they did have a girl and a boy.

4. She reportedly gave birth at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Beyonce is in a blue suit and Jay are watching a NBA Finals game.

Beyoncé and Jay Z | Jason Miller/Getty Images

There have been multiple hospitals thrown around as that where Beyoncé is said to have given birth. But the one that is most likely correct is Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, because it’s where Jay Z was seen on June 19th, according to People.

5. Their names are Rumi and Sir

Beyoncé in a chair holding Blue Ivy

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy | Beyonce via Instagram

Beyoncé and Jay Z filed legal documents to trademark Rumi Carter and Sir Carter as the names of their new arrivals.

The parents also tried to trademark Blue Ivy’s name.

6. The twins were reportedly premature

Beyonce and Jay Z are on stage performing together.

Beyoncé and Jay Z at the Grammys | CBS

It’s not uncommon for twins to come prematurely, and that’s reportedly what happened. TMZ reports that Beyoncé didn’t reach full term before giving birth. The babies had to be kept under lights since they came early. This could be in order to address jaundice.

7. They brought the twins to their Malibu rental

Beyonce after performing at the 2014 VMAs

Beyoncé on stage with her daughter and Jay Z. | Mark Davis/Getty Images

According to TMZ, the little ones are out of the hospital and are living at the couple’s Malibu rental. They were in the hospital for a week before being released, reportedly to address their health issues.

The couple is spending $400,000 a month on the rental.

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