Beyoncé Holds All the Infinity Stones and No One Else Is Even Close

Beyoncé is back. Well, to be honest, she never really went away. She has been in the limelight since 1997. She started out in the all-girl R&B group Destiny’s Child. Along with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, the group helped launch her into stardom. 

From the start, the world saw her as the leader of the group. She had talent, but she also had that little something extra. It was a sort of sparkle in her eyes, that said, she would one day rule the entire universe. 

She has been building her empire and collecting her Infinity Stones for over two decades. Don’t believe me? Then you might not have been paying attention. Here’s why we agree with the Lainey Gossip, that Beyoncé holds all the Infinity Stones and no one else is even close.

Beyoncé rules social media

We might not live in the Marvel Universe, but in this world, social media can make or break you. Beyoncé recently generated half a million tweets in a single day. I guess we are now calling April 17, 2019, Beyoncé day, because she almost broke the internet. But her star power on social media is on that level every day of the year.

On Instagram, Beyonce has 127 million followers, and no she doesn’t have to follow anyone else — she is Beyoncé!

But it’s not just her Twitter and Instagram feed that makes her social media royalty, and she has followers everywhere on the interwebs. Queen B rose to fame before any of these social media platforms existed, and still, she used each one to increase her position and reach her goals. All while representing, helping, and improving her community. 

Beyoncé’s fanbase is like no other

It’s hard to believe that she used to be known as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, or simply as Beyoncé Knowles. Now she is known to fans as the Queen B, Bey, and Beyonce. Only legends in the making have the talent, grace, and popularity to switch to one name or a royal title. Think Prince, Madonna, and Elvis, aka The King. 

On top of having a HUGE following, her fanbase in one of a kind. It’s kind of funny that she is Queen B and her followers are called the BeyHive, because like actual bees they really do follow, support, and defend their queen. 

If you told us she released a pheromone into the crowd at concerts, we might believe you without question. I mean how many Beyoncé fans have you heard of that stopped liking her. None, right?

Everything Beyoncé touches turns to gold

Of course, you know Beyoncé’s voice is gold, and her range is impenetrable, but did you know she tops the charts for Apple, Netflix, Google, Spotify, and your grandma’s playlist. Well, we can’t confirm that last part, but the rest is true. Probably.

She literally shut down the Louvre, in Paris for a music video, and now she has taken over Netflix with her new documentary, Homecoming. By the way, if you haven’t streamed Homecoming, you might be the only one left, so get on that. We have already watched it twice.

Beyoncé holds all the Infinity Stones, and no one else is even close

Think about all the news in the last few weeks. People couldn’t stop talking about Baby Sussex, Wendy Williams’ divorce, the weird thing Madonna did, and, all of a sudden, Beyoncé scooped them all with a documentary.

How is this possible? It’s because Beyoncé holds all of the (metaphorical) Infinity Stones. Seriously, she is basically on top of social media, music, movies, style, motherhood, and she gives back to her community. Which is excellent because, those stones are powerful, and we wouldn’t want a bad guy to get them. Check out what her charity, BeyGOOD does for the world.