Beyoncé Is Being Criticized for Not Giving Joaquin Phoenix a Standing Ovation at the 2020 Golden Globes

Beyoncé might not have won a Golden Globe last night, but she was still the most talked about celebrity at this year’s event.

While the superstar definitely turned heads with her iconic entrance and jaw-dropping dress, her silent statement during the broadcast has been causing some intense drama on Twitter.

Beyoncé | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

People are now calling Beyoncé “entitled and arrogant”

The Golden Globes has officially kicked off the 2020 award season and though it was an unforgettable evening for many celebrities, it was also a night full of some serious shade.

A handful of stars were spotted passing low-key judgment on others during the event and while many of us didn’t look too much into it, Beyoncé’s silent statements actually didn’t sit well with a few people.

It all started when the Queen Bey failed to give Joaquin Phoenix a standing ovation after he was announced the Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture for his role as Arthur Fleck in Joker.

Though the camera didn’t really focus on Beyoncé as the actor made his way to accept his award, fans still caught glimpse of the singer sitting calmly in her seat as the majority of the star-studded crowd stood on their feet.

After seeing this, people quickly took to Twitter to call out the “Spirit” crooner for being disrespectful and thought her actions made her come across as “entitled and arrogant”.

“@Beyonce You’re a joke for not standing up for Joaquin Phoenix. Understandable to make a statement. But that’s just poor sportsmanship for someone that actually deserved recognition. You’re entitled and arrogant. And as an actress you’re a joke. Smh. You ought to apologize to him,” one fan tweeted.

“Yeah, when a lot of people are showing respect to Joaquin by giving them a standing ovation, and Beyonce isn’t doing anything in comparison, it really makes you think about who are the entitled people here,” another fan expressed.

Others were quick to come to the Queen Bey’s defense

While many people didn’t have a problem bashing Beyoncé for her apparent “snub,” the Beyhive was quick to show their support for their Queen by defending her choice not to stand.

Many fans pointed out that others were just blowing this whole thing out of proportion, sharing that they were all for Beyoncé remaining in her seat while Phoenix had his moment.

“Beyoncé sitting during the standing ovation for Joaquin Phoenix’s win is the type of energy I want to see from everyone in 2020,” one fan shared.

“I know y’all are not hating on beyoncé just because she didn’t stand up for joaquin when he won get over yourselves,” another user wrote.

Others even speculate that Beyoncé failed to stand because she didn’t want to take the attention away from the actor given her eye-catching gown.

“Just putting it out there. MAYBE Beyoncé didn’t stand during Joaquin Phoenix’s standing ovation because her dress was massive & would have been a pain to get out of her chair with and then gather it to sit down again. Just a thought. Maybe it wasn’t a statement,” a fan questioned.

“Apparently there was some hoop-la over Beyoncé not standing during the ovation for Joaquin Phoenix at the #GoldenGlobes…did you see my queen’s dress?!? She would’ve stolen the moment! Be grateful of her,” someone else pointed out.

Whether or not Beyoncé was throwing shade Phoenix’s way, this just goes to show that people are always so quick to jump to conclusions.