There’s An Insane Theory That Kris Jenner Once Interviewed Beyoncé

Though Beyoncé’s husband JAY-Z was one close to Kanye West, the Lemonade legend has certainly kept her distance from the entire KarJenner clan. In fact, when Kim Kardashian and the College Dropout rapper wed in 2014 — the billionaire couple skipped the nuptials and the hoopla surrounding them.

The last time we saw Beyoncé and JAY-Z share space with Kimye was during the Watch the Throne tour. In fact, following West’s mental breakdown in 2016 — he publically called out the 4:44 rapper for being MIA from his life.

Though the KarJenners and The Carters clearly run in different circles, there is now a wild theory circling the internet that Kris Jenner once interviewed Beyoncé and we seriously can’t get over it.

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Beyoncé and the KarJenners live vastly different lifestyle

Though Beyoncé has never said anything bad about the KarJenners or vice versa, it’s clear that the infamous reality family and the superstar live vastly different lifestyles. While the KarJenners basque in the fame on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and with their constant social media updates — The Gift songstress values her privacy.

“The predictable rock star DNA is a myth,” Beyoncé told Elle Magazine. “I believe you don’t have to accept dysfunction to be successful. This is not to say that I have not struggled. I have the same pain that life brings to everyone else. I try to shift the stigma that says with fame there has to be drama. It is how you relate to your hardships and use that to evolve. And I try to keep real ones around me.”

It’s clear that Beyoncé doesn’t feel a pull to the spotlight the way the KarJenner’s do.

Inside the insane theory about Kris Jenner and Beyoncé

Despite the fact that they aren’t close at all — there is an insane theory circling the internet that Kris Jenner interviewed Beyoncé when the songstress was just 11 years old.

This all came about when Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles shared an interview clip of the singer from 1992 where she’s being interviewed by a lady who looks EXACTLY like a young Kris Jenner.

Knowles captioned the photo, “This week’s #throwbackthursday also comes from back in ’92. Beyonce was about 11 years old and already working hard. Here she is talking about getting over stage fright. ⁣”Fans are now flooding Knowles timeline saying things like  “@krisjenner is this you?” and “Wait is that @krisjenner?”

One fan tweeted, “This is Kris Jenner interviewing Beyoncé as a child. The universe is playing in our faces like who knew either of those people would be where they are now. Crazy.”

The woman in the video with Beyoncé can’t be Kris Jenner

Though she does like the KarJenner matriarch’s doppelganger, the woman in the video certainly isn’t Jenner. As one person on Knowles’ IG page pointed out, the timeline simply does not line up.

“People,” they urged. “There’s no way Kris was moonlighting as a local news anchor in Houston.” It’s true that Jenner was a newlywed at the time, having just married Caitlyn Jenner (then-Bruce Jenner) in 1991. She was also a mother of four, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob — so we highly doubt any of this was likely.

Still, this theory was the trill we needed going into the weekend.