Are Beyoncé and Meghan Markle Friends?

In a move that shocked everyone, Beyoncé used her 2019 Brit Awards win and her notoriously exclusive Instagram account to not only pay tribute to Meghan Markle but also to congratulate the duchess on the impending birth of her first child. As we know, Queen Bey doesn’t just shout out anyone –in fact, she’s used her IG account to congratulate and send well wishes to icons like Serena Williams, former First Lady Michelle Obama and her BFF Kelly Rowland. Therefore, all of our jaws dropped when Beyoncé and Jay Z accepted their Best International Group award in front of a stunning photo of Markle–calling her a Melanated Mona.

Here’s what we know about Beyoncé and Meghan Markle’s friendship.

Are Beyoncé and Meghan Markle friends?

From what we know, the Lemonade icon and the Duchess of Sussex don’t actually know each other. However, they do run in the same circles. The singer and the former actress share a mutual bestie. Both Markle and Beyoncé are super close with tennis legend Serena Williams.

Markle met Williams in 2014 when they participated in DirectTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl. On her now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig –the duchess recalled how they became fast friends immediately. She revealed,

We hit it off immediately, taking pictures, laughing through the flag football game we were both playing in, and chatting not about tennis or acting, but about all the good old fashioned girly stuff. She quickly became a confidante I would text when I was traveling, the friend I would rally around for her tennis matches, and the down to earth chick I was able to grab lunch with just a couple weeks ago in Toronto.

Beyoncé is also very close to Williams. She congratulated the sports superstar on the birth of her adorable daughter, Olympia, and she was in the audience weeping when Williams married her hubby, Alexis Ohanian. Unfortunately –Markle wasn’t able to attend the nuptials.

Why did Beyoncé pay tribute to Meghan Markle?

Beyoncé might not be close with Markle, but she doesn’t do anything by chance. Her choice to stand in front of artist Tim O’Brien’s regal illustration of the duchess was very deliberate. In her caption, she said, “In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.”

Many people believe that Beyoncé –who has been in the spotlight for most of her life was acknowledging and celebrating a woman who has been thrust into the spotlight in a significant way and has been forced to deal with horrific trolling, bullying, rumors and everything in between while being pregnant.

One Twitter user tweeted, “Beyonce and Jay Z accepting their award with a photo of Meghan Markle in the background is such a dig at the British media and i love it.” While writer Laura Snapes of The Guardian tweeted, “Wow at Beyonce and Jay-Z not only making an acceptance video, but doing so in front of a portrait of Meghan Markle. Very classy, pointed support of a black woman being treated repulsively by the UK tabloids #BRITs”

Beyoncé and Meghan Markle might not be friends but the Everything Is Love legend certainly has the duchess’ back.

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