Beyoncé Reveals the Most Stressful Thing in Her Life

Beyoncé has a lot on her plate. In addition to being one of the most active entertainers in the world, the mother-of-three is constantly working on a bunch of different projects. She recently did voice work in 2019’s The Lion King, directed and executive produced her latest Netflix documentary, and relaunched her athleisure brand, IVY Park.

While she’s great at multitasking, Beyoncé has admitted that she can get overwhelmed at times. What causes her the most stress?

Beyoncé on the red carpet
Beyoncé on the red carpet | Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

The 1 thing that really stresses Beyoncé out

The Lemonade singer told ELLE for its January 2020 issue that she really struggles to balance her career and family. She loves being hands-on at home but said it can be hard to do when she has so much going on.

“I think the most stressful thing for me is balancing work and life,” she told the publication. “Making sure I am present for my kids—dropping Blue off at school, taking Rumi and Sir to their activities, making time for date nights with my husband, and being home in time to have dinner with my family—all while running a company can be challenging. Juggling all of those roles can be stressful, but I think that’s life for any working mom.”

But don’t get it twisted — her family comes before anything. A source told People on July 24 that Beyoncé’s career “is always second.”

“It might seem like her career would take up all her time, but it’s quite the opposite. Her career is always second and her kids are her first priority,”  the insider explained. “She is a fantastic mom and very involved.”

“She’s busy making a schedule and taking care of her kids. She makes sure they have scheduled activities and tutoring,” the source continued. “She loves being a mom and wants to be around as much as possible.”

Does she have a nanny?

Reports say that Beyoncé does have people in her circle who step in and help out when she needs a break.

“[They] have nannies for the kids and their assistants help out too,” a source told Us Weekly in June.

But for the most part, Beyoncé and Jay-Z do it all.

“They mostly try and bring the kids everywhere,” the source continued. “Blue always travels with Beyoncé and comes with her when she’s working. The twins are getting older and Beyoncé has been taking them out a little more too. They’re a very tight-knit family and like to do everything together.”

Beyoncé has a self-care regimen when she needs to wind down

When life gets too overwhelming, Beyoncé told ELLE that she takes time to focus on herself. She’ll get some good food and practice techniques to reduce stress.

“Most women have been conditioned to ignore symptoms and just ‘tough it out’ and focus on taking care of everyone else before themselves. I am no longer one of those people,” she explained.

“After having a difficult pregnancy, I took a year to focus on my health,” Beyoncé continued, referencing her pregnancy with her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter, who were born in 2017. (Beyoncé said in her 2019 Netflix documentary, Homecoming, that she developed toxemia, preeclampsia, and had to get an emergency Cesarean section.)

“I have researched information on homeopathic medicines. I don’t just put any prescription in my body. My diet is important, and I use tools like acupuncture, meditation, visualization, and breathing exercises,” she continued.

Despite her hectic schedule, it sounds like Bey has got it all under control.

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