Beyonce’s Diet Isn’t Easy and Now Experts Are Saying It’s Not Healthy Either

When you look at Beyonce, it is hard to believe that the 38-year-old award-winning singer has had three children. She is in great shape and seems to have so much energy. So, what is her secret to looking so flawless? In addition to exercising regularly, Beyoncé has been known to take part in what some refer to as the Greenprint diet

This plant-based diet has been gaining notoriety lately after several celebrities have raved about its advantages. But is this diet actually good for you? Recently some health experts have criticized this diet and questioned whether or not it is actually healthy.

What is Beyonce’s Greenprint diet?

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The diet that Beyonce reportedly follows is called Greenpoint. It was created by her personal trainer: Marco Borges. In his book, The Greenprint Diet: Better Body, Better World, he describes it as a 22-day life-changing experience.

The goal of the diet is to eat only plant-based foods. The diet is supposed to be better for your health and better for the planet. However, Borges does not expect you to just start out on day one as a vegan. Instead, Borges suggests that you add one plant-based meal a day.

So, on day one, you would eat one vegetarian meal; on day two, you would eat two vegetarian meals, and so forth. By day 22, people that are on the Greenprint diet should be eating plant-based meals 100% percent of the time. Borges says that it takes that long for your brain to develop a habit.

If Borges’ theory is correct, then by the end of day 22, you should no longer be craving those cheeseburgers or T-bone steaks. Instead, you would be happy with eating nothing but fruits and veggies.

Beyonce wants everyone to try the diet

For a while now, Beyonce has been a strong advocate for the 22-day vegan challenge. Earlier this year, she had taken the challenge for 44 days in order to get her body ready for Coachella. She had chronicled her journey in a YouTube video. At the start of the video, she showed the camera that she weighed 175 pounds. After seeing the number, Bey had said: “175. Long way to go. Let’s get it.” 

Beyonce said that while on the diet, she not only lost a significant amount of weight, but she also had a lot more energy. At the end of the video, she is seen showing off her new body to Borges and is very excited that she can fit into the old costume she hadn’t worn since before she had gotten pregnant with her twins.

Beyonce not only thinks that the diet is good for her (and her husband), but she also wants everyone to try it. That is why she had recently challenged her fans to also take the 22-day challenge. In order to make the diet seem more enticing, the superstar offered free concert tickets to her and Jay-Z’s shows for the next 30 years to one lucky fan who agreed to take the challenge.

Is the Greenprint diet good for you?

While the diet seems like a great way to help the planet and get your body in shape at the same time, some medical experts believe that it may not be the healthiest way to lose weight.

According to the New York Post, the diet makes you eat about 600 calories less than what is recommended. Nutritionist, Lauren Cadillac, told the New York Post that having such a restricted diet for a short period of time will end up making you gain weight after you stop the diet. 

“It’s a vicious cycle. Diets [like this one] starve your body of calories, so your body starts slowing down its metabolism and holds onto fat. It’s just survival. I don’t think it’s healthy,” says Cadillac.

The New York Post had also noted that the diet may not be very practical for “regular people.” Eating a completely plant-based diet takes a lot more time to prepare than other meals. It requires you to go to the grocery store several times a week. Also, some of the meals can take up to 50 minutes to prepare. If you have a family or a full-time job, it can be hard to take an hour to prepare a meal.