Beyonce’s ‘Extreme’ Plant-Based Coachella Diet, Explained

Despite how chic Kate Middleton looked leaving the hospital after her third child, no woman should be expected to regain her figure immediately after giving birth.  It’s no surprise that Beyonce felt like she’d gained too much weight after her pregnancy. She hit the scales at 218 pounds right after the twins were born.  

A year later, before her famed Coachella performance, she weighed 175 pounds. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially a year after giving birth to twins. But Beyonce strives for perfection and she wasn’t about to go on stage at Coachella with anything less than her perfect body. 

That’s when she decided to start her extreme plant-based diet. 

Beyonce | ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

What is a plant-based diet? 

There are different versions of a plant-based diet, but basically a plant-based diet consists of only eating food that comes from plants. That means fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains are okay.  

Beyonce’s plant-based diet was a little different though. She cut out carbs, bread, alcohol, and sugar in addition to meat, dairy, and fish.  

Beyonce took it above and beyond 

 According to Hollywood Life, Queen Bey took what was supposed to be a 22-day diet plan and pushed it to the max. To get ready for Coachella, she doubled the recommended time for this extreme diet, and went 44 days eating only plant-based foods.  

Her plan definitely worked. She rocked Coachella, and made an amazing documentary about her preparation. Homecoming came out in April, but it doesn’t have the footage of Beyonce’s first weigh-in before starting the diet. She posted that in July.  

The diet paid off, but it’s not for everyone 

Beyonce was followed by a team of professionals during her extreme 44-day diet. It may not be safe for the average person to cut so much out for so long. 

Also, remember, Beyonce’s diet was more than just a normal plant-based diet. She cut out a lot of things that people on plant-based diets usually eat, like bread. 

Anyone attempting to copy this diet should be careful. It may be worth asking a doctor or nutritionist first to make sure you get all necessary nutrients.  

A less extreme version of this diet is totally doable, though.  There are a lot of benefits to eating plant-based. The diet lowers blood pressure, improves complexion, and will give you an energy boost. Plus, eating plant-based will expand your palette.   

A lot of celebs eat a plant-based diet 

It would almost be easier to list the celebrities that don’t eat plant-based. A lot of celebrities have jumped on the plant bandwagon in one way or another.  Each person has their own version, which goes to show how versatile this diet is.  

Meghan Markle eats plant-based, but only during the week. Kim Kardashian does something similar. She’s plant-based at home, but she’ll indulge while she’s out.  

A lot of athletes are on a modified plant-based diet. Tom Brady is probably the most notable name on the list.  

We love Beyonce no matter what. The baby weight doesn’t matter to us.  Her larger than life persona and awesome music is enough. But this superstar has high expectations for herself. Her extreme plant-based diet got her to her goal weight. If that’s what makes her happy, we’re happy for her.