Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’: Everything We Know

If you’re a dedicated member of the Beyhive, or have simply spent some time browsing social media this past week, then you’re probably already aware that the world’s biggest pop star has recently been teasing her fans with an upcoming premiere event known only as “Lemonade.” And unless Beyoncé is merely trolling her fans with random teasers about her love of a citrus-based beverage, it’s pretty clear that something big is coming to HBO this weekend. So what is “Lemonade” and what should you expect? Here’s everything we know so far about Beyoncé’s mysterious project.

Lemonade is rumored to be another “docu-style special”

According to an unnamed HBO executive cited by USA Today, Lemonade will be a “docu-style special” similar to 2013’s Life is But a Dream. That TV film included concert footage, as well as video that the singer shot of herself using her computer. While fans loved the rare glimpses into Beyoncé’s private life that Life is But a Dream provided, the film garnered mixed reviews from the critics, some of whom noted that it would have been a more interesting documentary if the star had allowed someone else to tell the story.  For example, David Rooney at The Hollywood Reporter called Life is But a Dream “candy to her fan base; just don’t expect startling insights into the woman behind the talent.”

Since Lemonade is being described as similar to Life is But a Dream, fans shouldn’t expect any earth-shattering revelations about the pop star. On the other hand, since Beyoncé has yet to confirm or deny the USA Today report, it’s still possible that Lemonade could end up being completely different than her last self-directed documentary. And while Life is But a Dream wasn’t beloved by the critics; that probably won’t matter when it comes to Beyoncé’s dedicated fans. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, Life is But a Dream pulled in a record-setting number of viewers for an original HBO documentary with 1.8 million. Additionally, a follow-up interview with Beyoncé on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) garnered another 1.3 million viewers. So regardless of how it fares with the critics, it’s probably safe to say that Lemonade will be a hit with Beyoncé’s fans and another ratings homerun for HBO.

Beyoncé may have been dropping “Lemonade” hints since last year

Beyonce, Instagram

Beyoncé smelling a lemon | Source: Beyoncé’s Instagram account

So far, Beyoncé has released just two teasers for the event. The first Lemonade teaser is just 20 seconds long and was released on April 16. It shows a woman (presumably Beyoncé) with her face hidden and her head bowed as an echoing voice states “What am I gonna do now? What am I gonna do?” The other teaser (found at the top of this article) is approximately a minute in length and features more mysterious voiceover phrases, such as, “The past and the present merge…to meet us here” and “You’re the love of my life.”

However, these recent teasers may not be the only cryptic clues that Beyoncé has dropped. As many fans have noted, the singer posted several images of lemons and lemonade to her Instagram account in September 2015. So were these images foreshadowing the film or just random coincidences? You’ll have to tune in to HBO this weekend in order to find out, which brings us to our final point…

Lemonade will premiere on HBO

Whatever it is, Lemonade will be making its world premiere on HBO this weekend. Although the latest rumors suggest it will be another autobiographical film, there is the possibility that Beyoncé is also using the HBO special to announce or launch a new album. It should be noted that the singer previously surprised us with an unannounced album when she released the eponymously titled Beyoncé in 2013. And earlier this year, Beyoncé debuted a new single, “Formation,” that has yet to be associated with an album.

You can catch Lemonade this Saturday, April 23, at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific on HBO.

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