‘The Big Bang Theory’: 4 Most Shocking Season 10 Spoilers

The CBS hit show The Big Bang Theory won’t be coming back until September 19, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know what is coming up. Of course the showrunners and actors try to be tight-lipped on spoilers, but we know a few shocking things that will happen in Season 10. [Update. 9/15/16: Corrected Season 10 premiere date.]

There is a good chance that this new season could be the show’s last. The producers have hinted that this might be the end, and the actors have revealed that their contracts state that it could be the last season. This means that a lot of the show’s story lines could be wrapping up in a very big way. So do you want to know what’s coming up rather than wait? Here are the most shocking spoilers for the 10th season of The Big Bang Theory.

1. We’re going to meet Penny’s family

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Source: CBS

Unlike Penny, a lot of the other characters on the show have been given a fuller picture of what their home life is like. We have met Penny’s dad Wyatt played by Keith Carradine, but not her mother and brother. However, this all might finally change.

It’s a little early to say for sure,” Molaro told TV Line, “but we would very much like to meet Penny’s mom and her brother, as well.”

There is a very strong chance that Season 10 will be the first time to meet these characters because of the upcoming traditional wedding Penny will have. It would certainly be noticeable if our main character has a sibling and parent missing on her big day.

2. There will be a second wedding for Penny and Leonard

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Source: CBS

In Season 9 we saw Penny and Leonard get married in Las Vegas. A lot of fans might feel a little cheated after watching nine seasons of the show and having the show’s main relationship get hitched in a quickie wedding. Penny wore a pink dress and worked the lyrics from Toy Story‘s “You Got A Friend In Me” into her vows.

It was very sweet but probably not what anyone was expecting. It was also somewhat tainted from Leonard kissing Mandy two years ago on his North Sea expedition. He now has to see her regularly, and that caused a rift and ruined their wedding night. The characters walk away from the wedding not feeling totally OK with what happened.

They come back and there’s certainly some level of regret in that walk up the stairs,” showrunner Steve Molaro told The Hollywood Reporter. “They’re more worried that they’re not sure how to fix it. I don’t know if it’s regret yet. They’re still hopeful it can be fixed, they’re just not sure how. I’m always hopeful for Leonard and Penny, without a doubt — and for all of them. I want all seven of them in this world to be OK.”

But it looks like we might get the traditional wedding after all in this upcoming season. In “The Convergence Convergence” Penny promises Leonard’s mom that they will tie the knot in a wedding where both families will be there to witness. So hopefully fans of the show still have wedding fever! This could give them what they want and have a wedding day end on a much happier note.

3. Sheldon could be getting a new roommate

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Source: CBS

Penny and Leonard are finally hitched, so Sheldon most likely will be getting a new roommate. Who will it be? The answer is probably not Howard since he’s now married to Bernadette who is expecting their first child. But it could be Raj since he is still technically single although dating. However, there is also another person in the mix.

Stuart is pitch perfect!” Johnny Galecki told The Hollywood Reporter when he was asked who should move in. “I’m a huge fan of his and I want him in every episode. Because all the guys now are in relationships, we get to have Kevin on more to represent the bachelor character. We certainly can’t have those jokes anymore, the audience cares too much about the relationships of Howard and Bernadette, for example, so Howard can’t have those risque lines of dialogue and they’re too protective of their relationship.”

Some have also come up with the theory that Amy could finally get what she wants by moving in. Sheldon has had some problems with boundaries in their relationship. He didn’t want them sharing the same bed in the past. But if this is truly the last season then it might be all about their characters growing and overcoming their remaining issues. This could be a huge step for Sheldon.

4. The Raj/Emily/Claire love triangle might be settled

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Source: CBS

For the longest time Raj was single and had no clue what he was doing with women. Now he has been floating between two girls. There is Emily who he has known for a long time, but doesn’t really seem like the right fit for him. Then there is Claire who recently broke up with her boyfriend, and seems like she wants to spend more time with Raj. He has been dating both, but that won’t be the case forever.

Chances are this love triangle won’t be drawn out for much longer. According to TV Line Raj will finally settle this by picking one because it’s not clear there will be another season after 10. It will be necessary for them to tie up all the loose ends including this story line, but there is no obvious hint as to who he’ll choose.

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