Will ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Jim Parsons Have an On-Screen Role in His New Sitcom ‘Carla’?

When The Big Bang Theory ended in May after 12 seasons, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)left a big hole in many fans’ hearts. The awkward romance between Sheldon and Amy — coined “ShAmy” — was a favorite of so many.

CBS has filled the time slot this fall with Young Sheldon, a spinoff to the critically acclaimed sitcom. However, Parsons does not play Sheldon in the series so fans are hoping to see him in something else. 

Fox announced recently that Parsons will reunite with Bialik in a new comedy, Carla. Read on to find out if the Big Bang Theory star will have an on-screen role in the sitcom.

Jim Parsons from 'The Big Bang Theory'
Jim Parsons | Anthony Behar/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

What will Parson and Bialik’s new sitcom,‘Carla’ be about?

Bialik stars as 39-year-old Carla who is struggling to prove that you can not have everything you want and still be happy.. To prove her point, she uses the money her parents have saved for her wedding day to open a cat cafe in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bialik was very excited to announce on Instagram that she and Parsons have been working on the show together, “It’s called Carla and it’s been an incredibly windy road to get here. SO worth it. We could not be more excited to work together and bring you this show which features SO MANY CATS!!!!”

The sitcom is based on the BBC show, Miranda which ran from 2009 to 2015 starring Miranda Hart and Tom Ellis. It was one of the top-rated British comedies of the last 10 years. In the show, Hart played an agoraphobic woman who was found in many awkward situations. Her mother was constantly disappointed in her and tried terribly to find her a husband.

With Bialik, Parsons, and a cafe full of cats, how can the show not be funny? 

What is Parsons’ roll in the new series, ‘Carla’?

Bialik and Parsons will executive produce the show together. And, at this time, Parsons will not have an on-screen roll in the sitcom. 

However, we know with these two it would not be a surprise to see Parsons make a guest appearance. It sounds like Carla might have a few run-ins with potential husbands, chosen by her mother. Who better to star as one of those husbands than Parsons?

Parsons also was excited to share the news on Instagram, “We’re early in this process and it has already been such fun and filled with joy… but, no surprise: that’s usually what it feels like to work with @missmayim” 

Although he will not have an on-screen role, Parsons is excited to work alongside his friend and former costar again.

When will ‘Carla’ premiere on Fox?

The project was highly sought after with bids from all broadcast networks, according to Deadline. Fox Entertainment stepped up to commit to the live-action comedy. 

The Fox Entertainment President, Michael Thorn said, “Carla is an unapologetically big, broad multi-cam with a strong female point-of-view, pushing the format in a way that will be distinctive.”

Everyone at Fox is very happy to have picked up the show. The series is set to premiere on Fox in the fall of 2020.